Back to school on South Lake Street

EDITED TO ADD:  Half a day y’all… That’s all it took to take care of 5 kiddos every need for this coming school year!  Do you know how happy their parents will be? How much of a push off to the kids year it will be? Big time!!! Thanks everyone who are getting things and gave money to get the rest! You truly are the hands and feet of Gods love! These kids can’t give anything in return back to us but someday they will grow and learn and maybe give back to our world by being the best them they could be!! Hoping We get to help them and their parents see this year through when everything isn’t so fresh and new. But for now…it’s going to be such a fun back to school week for them!! Thank you!!!!!!!!   

I wanted to add back to school photos but the families requested privacy and I want to respect that. 
It’s been just over a month since we moved to the Fairmount neighborhood and one of the biggest blessings and joys for me has been getting to know my neighbors slowly but surely.

If you know me… you know I really like kids. And I really like THESE  kids! They are funny and smart and love to play.  They live down the road from me and their parents are working hard to make ends meet…. and sometimes the ends don’t meet.  They have really helped me see how blessed I am and how rich I am… but also to see how happy they are to be a family and how their happiness doesn’t have a lot to do with their possessions or how nice their house is or what they don’t have.  God’s worked SO much in this grumbly heart of mine and I’m thankful for new eyes to view my life and the life of the community around us!

So with the school year upon us, I wanted to help them not feel so overwhelmed and get this school year off to a great start!  They go to a community school nearby and they will need school supplies and uniforms.  I’m hoping we can help them get those by monday before they start classes!  I can’t do it on my own, but I thought together we could make this happen EASY! This isn’t about doing something that the parents are neglecting to do… I have no doubt that they would find a way and get their kids what they needed. This IS about being a blessing and taking care of our neighbors who would be so grateful for things that so often we take for granted!

So here’s the info:   If you are local and have access to uniforms or school supplies and would rather purchase/find them yourself and drop them off to me… that’s great! Just let me know and I can get you sizes.  { email me at }  If you aren’t local or just want to help and contribute so that I can go get them the things they need… that’s great!!  Just click on the pay pal link below! (let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to sponsor for them)

This is just for these five kiddos who live near us. They are Pre-K, Kindergarten, two 3rd graders and a 5th grader! HERE is their school’s supply lists.  HERE is the uniform standards.


You may be thinking ALL of these kids need clothes and shoes…. but on a hot muggy day here in the culdesac this is just the way we roll! We LOVE summertime around here!!

ALSO…… for you Local/Fairmount peeps, The kids spend a lot of time at our place and they LOVE LOVE riding bikes. (what kid doesn’t!) But right now they all share the few bikes we have between us and while that works most of the time…. if you see any used or new medium size kids bikes or hot wheel type of bikes at yard sales or thrift stores at a great price… consider getting them and donating them to our little neighborhood gang!

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