The Story starts at Home – A photography workshop for moms


Every summer the Chappell clan goes on what we call is our annual Epic Summer Road Trip!  Next month we are heading to Raleigh and then up to Michigan. We can’t wait and are really looking forward to all the loved ones we will get to see along the way.

This year one of my Best Friends, Angey Price and I are so excited to be doing this together.  As we talked and explored ideas about meeting up and sharing life and the challenges that photography our home and family brings, a photography workshop JUST for MOMS was born!  Our goal is to have it be more of a mentorship… but it will kick off with an awesome one day workshop!  We wanted to have a day where we pour into you moms who are really wanting to capture this incredible life that God has blessed us with.

Both of us as photographers have experienced what it’s like to have motherhood take over all aspects of our lives and drain our creativity and to get us preoccupied with lots of continual meeting of needs and exhaustion.  But we also know what it’s like to want deeply to record, document, and remember these days since, more than once we’ve experienced or heard that, though they feel so long, they fly by so quickly

Even the busiest of moms spend a lot of time at home. That’s where life is lived… that’s where routine is established… that’s where intimate family moments happen… that’s where belongings are kept… that’s where learning starts… that’s where little hearts are trained… that’s where adventures are born…. that’s where the most love is shared.  Home is the place where all these memories are made but are often forgotten... if not by us, but for sure in a generation or two. We want to change that! We want to help you press into your life at home, have an inspired life at home, cultivate depth into your home, and to document it in such a way that will not only benefit you but generations to come.  That is what’s called leaving a legacy that matters and is remembered! That is what we are passionate about and hope you will be too.

This workshop/mentorship will be an all day time of  thinking, journaling, processing, exploring, questioning, fiddling, shooting, and learning as we show you things that have helped us as moms, who yes, are photographers, but who want our roles as moms to matter more and to be remembered. We think it’s going to be life changing…especially on a day to day type of level. 

We will be talking about

* Time Management

* Priorities & Boundaries

* Creativity at Home

* Getting and staying Inspired

* Capturing the Everyday moments

* Special Events and Seasons as a parent

* Composition and Finding the Light

* Getting the most out of your camera

* iphonography  and social media

* Editing, Backing up and Printing

* The 6 week follow up online group

 * And lots more!

We will be sharing our hearts with you, talking about struggles and victories we’ve had and won in this area of being moms who want to remember and yet also be in the moment day by day!  I love this workshop because I need it too! This is going to be stuff that all of us need to walk through and process and be challenged by. But I find that when you do it with friends… it’s way more effective and it’s a whole lot more fun!

Because we are keeping this a small group in an intimate setting (just FIVE moms!!) we will be able to meet you where you are in your skill level, struggles, what your overall desire and goals are and also to be able to connect more one on one.  We will not only have the day together but will also be a part of an online group afterwards that will  challenge you to put into practice what we learned at the workshop as well as give you 6 weeks of assignments and encouragement as you reach your goals in photographing your life at home and as a mom!

The Cost:  $175.  This workshop opportunity is only available to the first 5 ladies who sign up! So if you know this is something you want and need to be a part of…. sign up FAST to get your spot!

What it Includes:  The Workshop, In house roasted Coffee, a Cafe Lunch, Workshop Notebook and a 6 week online mentorship afterwards with Angey and me.

Where: We are going to be at Angey’s home in North Raleigh. It will be from 10am to 4 pm.

What to Bring: Your camera (this might be a DSLR or it might be your iPhone! Doesn’t matter… just bring it.). And if you have a favorite pen we will be doing a lot of writing!

How to Pay:  We are currently filled up!!!  But we are planning another one later in the year or in the spring. We will keep you posted on that. Email me if you have any questions  —->

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