Living Art

As a busy mom of 5 under 5 I don’t get a lot of time to surf the web, read blogs, or much me time at all… So I’ve had to really narrow down my time reading blogs (which I love to do) to just a few that really help me in the stage of life I am right now. One of those blogs is Emily Freeman’s blog “Chatting at the sky”. She consistently encourages me to look at life through God lenses  and this month has challenged me daily to view  this life,  even the mundane…especially the mundane as Art! Her latest book A Million Little Ways is ALL about uncovering the art we were made to live.

So I’m linking up with her blog to show a photo that I view as the Art I’m making right now. And I think this one says it best.



Physical Growth. Sibling Relationships. Kindness. Diversity. Bonding. Comfort and Security. Love. Forgiveness. Gentleness. Adoration. Happiness.

That is the Art God is creating through me and my daily life of changing diapers, changing shoes, changing sheets, changing my tone of voice, wiping noses, wiping bottoms, wiping tears, wiping the slate clean each morning.  Kissing boo-boos, kissing goodnight, kissing the way eskimos and butterflies do, ‘kissing the wave that drives me against the Rock of Ages’ (C.Spurgeon). Teaching letters, teaching manners, teaching days of the week, teaching that everybody falls short and yet grace abounds.

This is my Living Art.

What is the Living Art you are creating today?


Now back to finishing my 31 Days of Adoption. This series will probably take me through November to complete… but that’s okay, I’m really enjoying writing about it and I knew if I wanted to do it right  (and still have 5 surviving children at the end) it would take longer than just the month of October to finish.

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