Are you done Adopting? { 31 days of Adoption : Day 14 }


Just came across this photo of Ezra today… and I’m just in awe of all that God has done in this little boy and in my heart since this photo was taken when he was found at 8 months old.

Friends… people ask me all the time if we are done adopting, and honestly, when you’ve been where I’ve been and seen the hurt and hopelessness and need and what a family does for a child who desperately needs one…. Well, I just don’t think I could ever say.. No more, we’re done! I can’t wrap my head around more… and know that even 1 more would mean big changes in our life. But then we have to ask ourselves what standard of life must we live in order for others to stay in a hopeless state of need.

I’m not saying God owes us any more children… we are BLESSED beyond measure. I’m happy with these 5 gifts! But what if… ¬†Would He be big enough and sufficient enough to supply and bring about what would need to take place? ¬†Would we be okay with reaching the “we can’t all fit into a normal vehicle” point? Do we really have to trade what/where we feel God’s leading in our ministry in order to give another child a home? It’s a whole life for that child… it’s relatively small sacrifices for us. Would you gasp at the announcement? Would we be the talk of the town as the crazy ones who are “at it again”? When you ask “are we done”? Just know, it’s really hard to put words to that answer.

Thankfully… I trust in the God who is already in my tomorrows and knows exactly how many Chappells there are to be! Because in my very human knowledge and foresight, I sure don’t. I’m tempted to fall asleep haunted by the hurt and fear that I see in my 8 month old sons eyes in this photo… but instead I’m going to rest in the fact that God has the whole world in His hands and He cares for each sparrow that falls… His eye is surely on the others that are longing for a family of their own tonight.

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