Who can’t Adopt. {31 Days of Adoption: Day 7}

Those with a Criminal Record or have been officially charged with Child Neglect/Abuse:

This is very understandable.

My heart does go out to those who have been redeemed from a past that involves accusations (real or false) or mistakes made. It doesn’t mean they are less of a human because of their mistakes or because of wrongful or warranted accusations, it’s just the way it is. Consequences to your sin and even the sins done to you by others are something you have to carry with you this side of heaven… but you don’t have to carry them alone. He is your strength and your salvation! This life is but a vapor and in Eternity ALL things will be made right and new!  My prayer is that if your life does fall into this category, that you would know that His word is FULL of individuals who in our eyes had royally messed up but yet God uses them in incredible ways.  Think of Saul… God gave him a new name, Paul, even because of the awful things he’d done as the former.  Murderers, Adulterers, Swindlers, The list is long and ugly… But God LOVES taking those who seem to have no hope and using them to display His greatness and goodness to the world. So… you might not be able to adopt a child. But you sure can be a part of adoption! Give, Serve, Pray… just a few to start with. Or ask Him to put in your heart a ministry where your testimony would be shared freely and impact people powerfully. Shame was a sin that was paid for on the cross along with every other sin!

This isn’t to make light of those who have been sinned against and have lasting lifelong scars due to wrongful actions done to them or crimes committed against them or those they love. This is just saying…. Christ offers HOPE and Has great purpose for where each person is as a believer… even if that’s as they go through counseling, serve time in prison, cry themselves to sleep, live with unending secret shame or live with public consequences of a past that was 1, 5, 25, or 50 years ago.



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