Kings and Queens {31 days of adoption: Day 6 }

Well,  I’m still doing the 31 days…. it’s just not going to be in 31 days. Blogging with 5 little one underfoot isn’t an easy task especially when there is so much to write about this incredible subject of adoption.  LOTS of good stuff is coming. Lots of posts are being written and researched and posted in the order that will most be helpful to you as you learn along with me.


Coming soon: Who shouldn’t adopt. Common myths about adoption. everyone can do something. I’ll have posts going deeper into issues such as the cost, racial issues, fertility, and more. Then we will get down to the actual practical steps of making adoption happen. So keep checking back… I’ll probably not post everyday because my kids would tear my house down if I did. (you think I’m kidding!) But I’m really glad I’m doing this series because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and think it will be a resource for others for years to come. So stick with me…. it will be worth it.


I’ll be posting more next week. But for today I wanted to post a video that my kids wake up requesting and wanting to watch and one that the first time I heard it became my very favorite. I hope it will for you too.

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