Loving Lately September 2013

Goodness… It’s almost October! And while I’m really glad of that I wanted to write a few things about what I’ve been loving  and learning this month.

1. I’ve learned that here in Texas September is the month that is not summer or fall but an inbetween that if you mentally prepare yourself is actually a really great month to have because it allows you to soak up the last rays of summer… squeeze in one or two more trips to the pool and get a few more 59 cent soda fountain drinks from QT. It’s not fall yet so there isn’t that pressure to have the mantel decorated or go to pumpkin farms just yet. (although we look on with jealousy to those of you who already are… I Loved THIS article about living in a hot place and how we feel about the PSL in September!)  It’s kind of a mental month… where I start to wrap my head around the events that Oct-Dec brings. We’ve got birthdays, babies, conferences, and holidays coming up… in my life, these things tend to sneak up on me. But maybe having September will help me feel a little more present when the craziness of the holidays come upon us.


2. I am learning to love Football.  Growing up in Alaska, Football wasn’t huge for us. But being that I’m married to a middle school football coach and I live in Texas… well, it’s just part of the culture I exist in! And I’m loving it.  We were recently recruited to be Auburn Fans and I really think my kids look great in Orange!  Although I REALLY like all the fun and yes insane traditions that go along with being a Texas A&M fan! All of my A&M Alumni friends  are crazy fun loyal people and if I am rooting for a Texas based team… well, I’m totally an Aggie!!! (love you Krissy!!!)


3.  I’m loving Dark Chocolate.

I’m currently on day 18 of Whole 30. I feel great!!!!! But occasionally… just on tough days where my 5 kids feel like 30 kids, I grab a bite of dark chocolate mid afternoon. I’ve tried A LOT of brands and I’m pretty picky.  Chocolove is by far my favorite! SO GOOD!

4. I finally found the time to order new glasses. Folks.. I watch my children, I do, but for some reason they can find my glasses and in a lickety split moment have them destroyed in the name of being a super hero. So I’ve already gone through 3 pair this year. With that in mind, I had to find a place where I could order glasses and it not break our bank to order extra pairs. That’s where Zenni’s comes in. It’s awesome guys. I ordered 3 pairs for $70 bucks! (making them the 6th pair I’ve had from them… all of them I’ve loved!) No… they don’t have any name brands featured on the sides but they are stylish… sturdy… and I can see!!! Check them out….  Zenni Optical  (and I’ve always had great customer service if I needed them)



5. I LOVE People who want to Live boldly and Dream big for the sake of the Gospel!!

Some would think my friends the Campbells are crazy for taking their family to Berlin Germany where the area they are going to invade with the Light of the Lord is strongly opposed to the message they will be spreading. Berlin is a place that has one of the highest muslim population in the world and those are the people this family wants to go love with the love of God.  Guys… this family is Legit!! They have been a huge encouragement to us as a family and honestly were HUGE in praying and pushing us towards belief and trust as we walked in faith through Abel’s FAST adoption. When Dan is dealing with leadings of the Lord in our life David is often the first person he texts or calls. Keri and I have texted late at night as we dream big dreams and marvel at all God is doing in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

That being said… I am learning to Trust God where ever He leads and let Him handle the details that often scare the heck out of us and prevent many from ever taking a single step.

They are taking a step… they have already made the leap!!  Now is the fun part… WE get to be a part of this!  They need prayers… and they need supporters!  With all the many  many charities, causes and efforts out there sometimes it’s hard to know which ones to be a part of.  Well, I’m telling you that this family is a worthy cause and no matter where God planted them they will be Big and impactful and bold for the cause of the Gospel!!!

HERE is their family blog and right now they are doing a Puzzle Piece Fundraiser as a family and it’s simple and fun and something that they will be able to display as a tangible picture of God’s goodness and provision in great and mighty things!


6.  Wearing Gold Jewelry.  This sounds not near as exciting as traveling to Berlin and desiring to spread the Gospel across Europe….  but it’s something I’m loving this month.  Growing up I remember always being told… either you look good in silver jewelry or you look good in Gold… whichever you look best in that’s what you should always wear. So I’ve always been a silver wearing girl! But lately, I’ve loved dainty gold pieces of jewelry! I picked up a few gold bangles at the store earlier this year and I wear them with everything… they look great with everything… and they make me smile whenever I look at them on my wrist (probably because I feel like a “color me beautiful” rebel or something 😉 ). But it’s funny how just a little something new or something you haven’t tried before or something that you’ve always believed about yourself  like “I don’t look good in gold”, when challenged… really turns out to be a fun fashionable treat!

What color gold is your wedding band? Why did you pick that? I have white gold and it’s beautiful. But if we ever do an anniversary ring makeover someday… I totally will add in some yellow gold.  I even think matching plain yellow gold wedding bands would be very pretty and lovely.



7.  Adoption.   Okay… you’re like that’s a given. You always like that! But this month I’ve realized how much I truly am passionate about Adoption.  I’m getting ready to dive into a 31 day Blog writing frenzy!! I’m going to be doing a 31 day Blog series on the topic of Adoption. Because of that I’ve been reading a lot of blogs… books… doing a lot of research… and making notes… writing in my mind… and trying to figure out best how to organize my thoughts and posts as I write about 31 aspects around this love of my heart!

SO…. check back daily in October as we 1. enjoy the beginning of fall here in Texas and 2. as I spill out my heart and thoughts on the incredible blessing of Adoption.

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