Things I learned in August

1.  This isn’t new but each year I feel like I have to re-learn it come August. Being married to a school teacher… a coach… and a grad student is tough in August, not near as tough as actually being my husband and having to wear all of those hats, it’s just a tough month for the two of us. It’s just a rude awakening when the carefree life of the summer comes screeching to a halt and all of the sudden and every moment together has to be taken captive  as well as planned out wisely.  Something usually suffers…. Most of the time you feel like you’re doing a ton of things but none of them well.

But I also know that it’s when months like these are here we realize what really matters most in our family and our lives. My frustrations may increase and I usually break down and cry and think my home and marriage and our hopes and dreams are all falling by the wayside… but I also know that it’s in times like these that God shows us that while we are OH SO weak He is EVER SO Strong and Sufficient and has us exactly where He wants us on purpose and for His kingdom!

2. Because of our home life changing with the semesters… I’ve decided that instead of New years resolutions and finding the time to finally do them… in march! I would just Have Spring/March be my New Year and September be my refresh and refocus month! I’m hoping to blog about How Making Things Happen really changed goal making and life living for me. So stay tuned for what I have and haven’t made happen in 2013! (knowing that the best part of that will be reflecting on all God has truly made happen IN me!!)


3.  I don’t make a very good therapy mom. Meaning, I’m not the type of mom that when my kid is struggling with something my first instinct is to call a therapist or doctor or even to google it. I just make a mental note to watch them and see if it continues to pop up or if there are any other areas this delay might be showing up. I know every child is so very different in the way they develop and will reach different milestones at different times. SO to be now a parent of a special needs child and to be thrown into a world of Dr.’s Appointments, Therapy and Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) it’s just different… and honestly, I don’t really enjoy or like it very much. I feel like the wonder of childhood and babyhood is being stripped from me appointment after appointment. All of the sudden each thing they do, each movement they make could be a warning sign or a relief as to the neurological issues or physical handicaps they may or may not be dealing with. (I just don’t think that way!!)

I know Abel is unique and will struggle with things that might come easy to others…. And I know that I want to be educated and be his biggest advocate and cheerleader. But I think it’s a (delicate) balance of saying Yes… let’s help him reach these goals and Wait… maybe he’s just reaching them on his own timeframe. With each ECI and Dr. appointment I’m  learning how to gain a voice and to be confident in the choices that are offered and that we are supposed to make for Abel. The first few… I felt very defeated and overwhelmed honestly. Now… well, they are just a small but important part of Team Abel!!

4. That I will probably ALWAYS cry and have huge lump in my throats when watching movies that have to do with the abolishment of slavery, the civil rights movement and the many many horrible injustices African-Americans  have endured as a people. We watched The Butler last week and it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time… well, maybe since I saw 42.

I also think that going to a movie with a majority of the audience being African American is an experience that adds to the movie. I loved that they hooped and hollered and gasped, gave verbal feedback and even stood to their feet in applause at the end! Sometimes I think us white people are far too reserved in public and shove our emotions down deep inside. I think we also tend to experience things individually vs as a community  of people…. maybe that’s just me looking into a common experience they are having but it feels more connecting than what I tend to experience with others around me.


5.  That saying No to things, people, responsibilities, obligations, projects, favors… most of the time ALL good things is so very crucial to living the life you feel like God is asking/leading you to live. Saying NO to them a lot of times is hard until you just get brave and say it and once you do you feel such a freedom and you feel better.  But I learned this month that sometimes when you say No to something it’s not fun or rewarding afterwards… and honestly, can just put a damper on your spirit,  but sometimes it’s just the best thing to say.


6.  That most of the friendships/people I value the most I invest the least in. It’s true. I’m not sure how to go about changing that… but I want to and I WILL.


7.  I love sushi. Had it for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE this month and LOVED it!!!


8.  Read these articles and you will no doubt be encouraged and learn all sorts of goodness about the precious calling and responsibilities of motherhood. I know I did.

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