Things I learned in June

I’m joining Emily over at Chatting at the Sky in her “Things I learned” series!  If you don’t read her blog…. you should. I have to be honest… it’s the only blog that I always read  (other than my 2 BFF’s blogs) and never miss a post. (not because other blogs aren’t worth it… it’s just in my life of lots of littles and not much time to myself reading hers always is!)

1. That our culture is crazy about movies that love to see mass destruction of NYC! (or other like cities) I don’t mind a good action movie that involves a messy fight here and there… but I mean really…. the amount of destruction just keeps getting bigger and bigger with each movie. And I’m strange in this way… in that if the hero saves the one person they were trying to save at the end of the messy fight and everyone is so happy, I’m like but what about all those people who work in those office buildings? or were driving those police cars? or were just out walking the dog and then all hell falls out of the sky on top of them? so thus I’m not as happy as most when the credits roll. And yes… I know it’s just a movie. I’m just sayin’.  I also notice strange things in movies like if someone’s bangs or shirt or stuff on a coffee table is a certain way… then they go to another angle and then when it comes back to the person the bangs are fixed or shirt isn’t wrinkled up or coffee table is straightened… I notice. I wish I didn’t. But I do. It kinda fascinates me but also really bugs me.

2.  I adore fresh peaches. I mean like I can eat 4-5 a day when they are in season.

3.  Having a newborn in the house brings this forced relaxed schedule on our families life. It’s actually really great! I’m not sure if it’s because having a baby just makes you stay home more or if it’s that the thought of getting 5 kids in car seats just makes us want to crawl into bed for the rest of the day.  I’ve found that it really takes a whole year to fully adjust to being a family of one more than you used to be. So maybe next summer we will get out more. 😉


4. Hummus can be made with many things.  So Hummus is more of the recipe vs. the main ingredient which I never imagined being anything else other than chickpeas!  There is black bean hummus, roasted beet hummus, and lots more!

5.  That summertime is made for big dreams! Dan and I have been having conversations this month that were started last summer only to be tucked away as the school year and all the holidays came upon us. I LOVE dreaming about the future with my husband. Sure we might clash about really easy every day decisions like how the best way to manage sippy cups or snack time, or what the best place to get ice cream is, or what we are going to do in the next 1-2 hours of our life. But when it comes to the FUTURE and the next 5-10-15 years… we are very much on the same page!  And it’s been good because we take turns encouraging each other in the seemingly impossibilities that our dreams and plans contain and remind each other about the BIG God who has written this incredible story of our lives so far and even in the darkest most unexpected and uncharted times… He’s been there and it wasn’t any surprise to Him and He was the One who is still working all things together for our good today. He promised.


6. Dan and I lived in Raleigh for 10 years! The network of friends we had there was just, well, incredible. We just hit 4 years living here in Texas. And probably since we’ve gained 4 kids in that time and attended 3 different churches/campuses and moved 3 times…. well, it’s no wonder that I’ve found myself to be really lonely actually. Not the type that leaves you sad every day or even that you realize you are lonely.  But I just got back from a Ladies Retreat called Flourish. I’ve followed Emily’s Blog for years now and I when the opportunity came to join her at this retreat I knew I wanted to go!  I went not knowing a soul (other than knowing Emily through her blog) and wow! 3 full days of being around 11 other women who most of them don’t know each other either will just bless your soul in a way you didn’t even know you needed. I cried as I got home not because I was lonely but because I hadn’t even realized I was until I felt so full and loved on by them. It was awesome and I miss those ladies a lot already. And Texas is much nearer and dearer to my heart because of them.



7.  That after you have 4-5 kids, even when you have a 1 month old…. people will still ask you if you want another one. Shouldn’t there just be a general age that a child has to be before someone is allowed to ask a parent that question?  I think there should be. What age would you say it should be?  6 months… 9 months.. I say 15-18 months is probably a safer age since the parents have probably at least had a date together by then and possibly had time to talk about it themselves.

8.  Both Ordering photos and Sending mail is really something I’m not very good at. It’s overwhelming to me honestly. But it’s something I seriously need to do and figure out a system for.  May was going to be MAY MAIL MONTH! (I love alliteration!) and I have a list of about 30+ people that I need to either send things to, write thank you notes to, ship gifts to, check in with, etc… And then Abel happened!! And so well… I might just have to make it a  JUST SHIP IT, SILLY! SEPTEMBER!  I really really need to do it soon because those things hang over me like a dark cloud and it takes up daily energy that I need to use for other things. So, if you’re at all waiting for something in the mail from me… most of you aren’t because you’ve probably given up or forgotten because these things are so past due… but it’s coming! I need a good friend whose spiritual gifts includes secretarial skills. 😉




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