Abel Jonathan : Months 1-3

These months have FLOWN by!!!

Month 1:  Abel Darling, you spent the first week and a half in the hospital. When we showed up to meet you all the nurses huddled around because they couldn’t wait to meet the parents who were going to get to take home this treasure! You were super popular in the NICU! And in an instant became super popular in our hearts.  The Dr. had told us that you weren’t eating well and that it would be weeks before we would get to take you home. So we settled in for the long haul there in Vegas.  By the time we got there a few days later it was almost like you knew we were coming for you because you were up to the mark they wanted you to be drinking each feeding. They were a little stunned. We weren’t. 🙂  So after hanging out in the hotel for a few days and yes we even took you to see the Bellagio Fountains and to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon and you slept right through it all but I think you were just happy and content to be with your mommy!  You must be like your mommy and love to sleep because that’s all you’ve done this month, Sleep….. Sleep… Sleep… We would just hover over you in hopes for a glimpse of those beautiful almond eyes to open. You were a HUGE hit with your brothers and sisters when we brought you home! There is nothing like the feeling in a home that has a brand new newborn in it!! It’s kinda magical as well as completely exhausting! Welcome to the family sweet boy! We are head over heels in love with you!

Month 2:  You still love to sleep but we do get to finally see those eyes every now and then. You are beautiful son!! We love everything about you and often your mommy and daddy look at each other and say how we can’t believe we have you…. in our arms… in our family… forever! God is so good! Evie was the youngest before you came around and she doesn’t seem to mind at all that you have taken her spot as the baby in the family. In fact she’s become quite the little mommy. She runs into our room each morning and checks on you and keeps checking on you until she runs to us to declare that you’re finally awake. You are very loved Abel and I have no doubt that you have 4 older brothers and sisters who are going to love you, challenge you, stand up for you, irritate you, make you laugh, cry, and smile and be your best friends ever!!

Month 3:  Not only have you gotten keeping your eyes open down pat… you’re also completely turning us to mush when you give us the cutest smiles and coos ever! You love to be talked to sweetly. You’re going to have lots of people in your life as you grow up and some of those people have already started coming to our house and getting to know you…. they are going to help you reach for your goals and teach mommy and daddy how to challenge you and best work with you in order for you to become all the young man that God wants you to be. I’m so grateful to be your mom! I think it’s amazing how perfectly you have fit into this crazy family. Your daddy and I knew something was missing and knew that God was leading us to you… and how He did it was just as incredible! I love that God knows exactly what we need and I love that God is writing your story and can’t wait to be a part of it and to watch it as it unfolds and see all the people whose lives you will touch and be so grateful for the lives who reach out and touch ours!



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