The Love Chromosome is coming to the Chappell Family

For the past few weeks  Dan has been reading two books and  reading me chunks of it as he was reading, Risk is Right by John Piper and Follow Me by David Platt. Our hearts resonated with the words on the page. And it wasn’t because we had risked enough but because God was stirring our hearts to risk more.

The past few days I have been interacting with someone on facebook regarding the right to life and how the real issue is that we have to be willing to DO something about the problem of abortion and the demand for it instead of only arguing about details surrounding it.  Little did I know just hours later I would literally and figuratively be having to put my money where my mouth is…. and joyfully so.

I haven’t even seen his photo.

I don’t know what medical issues he’s facing.

I don’t know to what extent his Down syndrome will effect his life… or ours.

I’m not sure what his birth family’s story is… just that he was born in a Las Vegas Hospital and is still there.

I have no idea where the money the agency is needing for the adoption costs will come from.

I’m not even sure when I will get to meet him…. but I know it will be soon, probably sooner than I can wrap my head around right now.

But this I know….

I do know that his daddy and I started talking about him joining our family about 13 years ago before we were even married.

I do know that God’s had us in this strange ‘nesting’ phase the past few weeks and we knew He was up to something we just didn’t know what.

I do know that this little guy will have the BEST Big sisters and Big brothers a kid could ever ask for and they will be in his corner for the rest of his life.

I do know that this is a leap of faith that, while scary and even a little stressful, we are completely at peace with and know that we are not leaping into the arms of a weak God.

I do know that while I have a lot of unanswered questions in my mind I also have an excitement in my heart that is over the moon giddy and in love with a baby I’ve never met or seen!

I do know that God can and will use His people and His resources to meet the needs of the helpless and put the fatherless into a family.

You’ve shown us the very heart of God time after time as He’s grown our family through adoption. We are humbled in asking for your help  and humbled by your generosity … but we know that God loves using you to show his Love and provision to the least of these. We hope  and pray we will raise children who will make an impact on this world for the love the Christ and showcase in an amazing way the beauty and reality of our adoption as children of God.

I’m planning on doing a few Best of Baskets! I love those and I know you do too. Maybe even a really awesome summer beauty hair and makeup class… I’ve been dying to have one and I think Adoption would be the perfect reason to!  I wish I had a few weeks/months to do them before needing the actual funds to make this baby the newest member of the Chappell family! But I don’t. So I’m just putting our need out here and trusting that God’s timing is perfect and much better than the weeks/months that I would have liked to have to prepare for such a sweet babe’s arrival.


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