“I’d be VERY surprised if this baby leaves here before two or three weeks” said Abel’s Dr. to us on the phone as we were on the way to the Airport to come here. Well… I don’t think she took into consideration the power of your prayers. Because 3 days later we were hugging the Sunrise NICU staff and driving away with a very healthy baby! His heart echo went well and while he still does have a small hole in his heart they said we shouldn’t worry about it for a few more months and that hopefully it will close up on it’s own.

Last night went really great. This child just sleeps and sleeps. Some of it I think is because he was born a few weeks early and from all the research I’m doing it sounds like a lot of babies with Down syndrome do sleep a lot more than most in the first few months… especially those with holes in their hearts. So I am just enjoying the sweet snuggles and quiet short newborn breaths while he sleeps. I do have to almost force feed him though because he won’t wake up enough to really know he’s hungry but once we get that bottle in his mouth right… he definitely knows how to use those jaw muscles.

So here is the plan going forward…. I have to be here with Abel until ICPC clears us to leave NV with him. On average that process (which started yesterday) takes 2 weeks, but it could get done sooner or it could take longer. Through the kindness of friends we are taken care of through a hotel stay and the openness of others homes. I’m not worried about having to stay here the length of time needed…. I just miss my kiddos and want my family to be able to hold this sweet baby! (but I will admit, I’m taking this opportunity while we have it to hog him to ourselves as much as possible!)

So many of you have asked if there is anything we need right now. Honestly, every time we turn around to a need God has shown up and taken care of it. I have never felt more carried by His loving arms! This trip has been building faith in my heart so that when the normal fears and worries that creep up in my heart in regards to raising a child with DS, He just reminds me that He’s God and that I need to let Him handle everything and that He’s already in the future, He knows what Abel will need at 6 months old, at 6 years old and Lord willing at 60 years old!  Yes, the reality is that our life will take on a new normal now and that there will be “sacrifices”  that not only Dan and I will make but my other children as well, there will be times of inconvenience and being pushed out of our comfort zone. (it may look like we don’t have a comfort zone but believe me we do! we love ease and comfort and have a hard time when it’s not available to us just as much as anyone else.)   But GOD is bigger than fear itself and any imagination that my fearful heart can run with. And the past week has shown me that over and over and over. He’s writing this story. He’s got this.

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