Las Vegas Landscapes

I’m kinda excited that Abel has both Nevada and Hawaii as part of his “where did I come from” story.  Nevada was beautiful and the weather was amazing! I hope we will be able to go to the beautiful Hawaii someday as a family!

I went to Las Vegas not ever planning on having a baby in a hotel for any length of time. They had told us just days before we talked to Abel’s Dr. on the phone and she had said he was only eating 15 ml. at a time and she would be really surprised if he was released in the next two weeks. So you can imagine our surprise two days later when we got there and he was chugging 60ml each feeding and they said we could stay the night the next night and then take him home!! WHAT?! You mean our prayers for healing and growth have been answered? NO!!! I mean YAY!!! I had to have a quick adjustment of what my expectations were for our time there…. because I hadn’t brought much stuff to care for a baby outside of the hospital…and now we will have a baby with us where ever we go and do. But after a quick run to Target and realizing that he slept all the time it ended up being just perfect!! Dan and I headed to Hoover Dam one of the days and Angela and I went to Red Rock Canyon another day. The drives and landscapes were beautiful!  kinda felt like he was my flat stanley after a while because we’d go and do something and I’d hold him up and take a photo so he’d know that he was there when he grows up and looks at the photos.  🙂

So here is some photos from our outings!

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