Keep the Gold.

I told the girls the night before as I tucked them into the same bed that in the morning a surprise would be waiting for them in the morning in the other bed. Zoe was dying to know what it was and she said “maybe it will be Kristin or something awesome like that!” I said “maybe… now go to sleep”  Well she was not disappointed as she and the other kiddos piled on top of her the next morning. What a way to wake up! 😉

It was a quick trip but a needed one! She flew in to shoot a wedding and spend time with us! What a refreshing time it was and it was over all too soon.

Folks… NEVER underestimate the joy your love for your friends kids will bring your friends!

One of the greatest blessings in my life is the way my friends have loved and cared and prayed for my children. When they text me to ask about them, let me talk about them, comment on photos of them, and hug and kiss them… it’s such a reminder to me that they understand my life right now in the sense that what I’m doing is important.

I must confess that I don’t make a really consistent good friend right now to hardly anyone… I have 5 kids I don’t make a really consistent good anything it seems. Friends I used to live with and see on a daily basis now are quick thoughts in my day to day and conversations happen rarely but when they do they are precious. Sometimes my heart aches for actual closeness but then as I see photos on facebook or get update emails or christmas cards my heart rejoices far more at all that God is doing in their lives as well as mine.  We are getting older and I’m finding that as my friends age they are getting more and more beautiful with every smile line and each gray hair… come one girls… I’ve been your hairdresser for years I know you have them! 😉 What used to be friends I could talk about boys with, go study with, hang out with at camp, be roomies with, do kids club with, plan weddings with, and dream big with are now the friends who are changing the world with each diaper change and runny nose they wipe, with the day to day grind of being a homemaker, with each job they go to, with each child they teach, with the churches they serve at, with each new friend they meet ….. all making an impact for the gospel and eternity on a daily basis!! I’ve never been so aware of how blessed I am to have such an abundance of friendships in my life  as I have been the past few years!

You are Gold!! and you Gals know you who are!!



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