This is the newest Chappell boys’ full name!! Dan and I agreed on it almost instantly. (and that almost rarely happens! ;))

Today we talked with the Dr. and Social worker today, both are super kind and helpful!!

Here is what we know:  He was born at 37 weeks weighing 6lbs. 3oz. So far This little guy who for sure has T21 has a “best case scenario” when it comes to his health. He does have a heart issue (Atrial septal defect (ASD)—a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers (atrium) of the heart)  that they are watching carefully and getting him to eat from a bottle has been a slow but steady process. His dr. said he has a sweet personality. His birthmom DOES love him but just wasn’t able to raise him and give him the support and attention he will need from a mommy.

Dan and I are leaving Wednesday for Las Vegas and can’t wait to see our son. I am hoping to only have to stay a week there before bringing him home but the Dr. seemed to think it would be longer before he could leave. So y’all can be praying for him specifically in that way.

Thank you again for your love and support!! I think some of you might still be in shock…. and in some moments I am too. But I’ve walked enough of this crazy life to know that when God is leading a certain way, we’d be fools to say no. His gifts although packaged in ways we aren’t expecting at times are always good and just what His children need. To Him be all the Glory while we soak up this incredible Joy!!

** Did you know?? That the reason a person with Down syndrome only has one crease in their palm… is because in the womb they hold their hands more open instead of a tighter fist due to a lack of muscle tone. It’s amazing to look down at your hand and see the line or lines that make up our palm print and realize that those were formed when we were still in our mothers tummy just by the way we held our hands. God is so crazy creative!!!

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