Head over Heels in Love

We are totally smitten with this little guy!!!

I can’t wait to blog his whole little story. (and I’m waiting only because I have some more questions that need answering and and I want to know the details better before I compile his incredible story of how he came to be a Chappell)

Our hearts and heads are so happy but we are overwhelmed and exhausted (in the best way).

Today brings LOTS of conversations with Dr.’s, Nurses, Social Workers, Therapists, and Specialists. Pray that we are able to absorb as much as we can and in the learning God provides the grace that will be needed in being all that this guy will need us to be for him. God has CLEARLY shown us that He is at work in this adoption journey… so as actual reality sets in I want to be just as confident that He’s got this as I have been the past 5 days!

Tonight will bring an overnight NICU stay for both of us as we transition to being his primary care givers at the hospital.

He’s drinking over 60ml every 3 hours…. just 3 days ago he was only at 15ml. They took him off IV fluids early this morning.  I wholeheartedly attribute this to your prayers!

I’ll blog more later and have lots more to tell… but for now, here are some of our first moments with sweet Abel.


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