In her imagination

is a head full of long flowing multi colored hair.

Zoe seems to have a fascination with long hair lately and will use a variety of things to accomplish the look for herself. I was in the kids section at the store the other day and I found they had several hairbands attached to long hair, each having a picture of the princess you could look like on the front of the package. I smiled and knew Zoe would freak out if I got her one of these, I put the one promising a mermaid’s red mane in the cart… but by the time I got to the check out I had to put it back because I realized that while I think it’s sweet that she likes long hair, I really LOVE her imagination and the colorful world of pretend she’s able to dive into.

Who needs actual strands of hair when you can have the soft feeling of cotton leggings or the wisps of a sheer scarf?


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