Tidbits for the Weekend } Raising Little Ones

I can’t wait to do THIS  with my kids possibly this summer. This whole blog is full of incredible and simple ideas! Here is the LINK to my Pinterest “raising toddlers” board. Come follow along!

Chapter two of possibly one of the best books on Christ centered mothering I’ve read. The whole book is awesome! I’ve heard this one is great too… can’t wait to read it.

We just got a lazer printer (goodbye expensive ink cartridges!) and I’m excited to print these for the kiddos! Jack’s birth father is an incredible artist and it’s no surprise that Jack’s favorite thing to do is COLOR!!  Melissa and Doug Crayons have been the ones that have truly lasted in this family! They are super strong and I love the sturdy storage cases they come in. Companies should so use my kids as testing… if it can survive a month in this house, then they’ve done a great job with quality materials!

This is 20 minutes of pure gospel centered parenting goodness and encouragement! The mmmm’s from each other as they talk is a little distracting… but the message is SO good! I needed to hear it.

Love that this is written so beautifully and honestly about having lots of little ones by a dude/dad!! 🙂 Fathers of lots of small kids are just awesome in my book and I’m married to my favorite one of them all!

This has been our favorite bible story book lately. It is a Storybook and takes some liberties with how they tell the stories.. but it’s great for helping little kids see the grand storyline of the bible!! The kids LOVE it when it’s story time. It might sound strange but we don’t let them read this book during the day or when it’s not “bible story time” so that it’s a real treat each night when it’s time.

I actually DID this art craft that I pinned… and it was SUPER easy and the Kids LOVED it! Well, except Evie just chewed on her paint brush and Ezra drank the paint water, but we’re gettin’ there!

Looking at our limits with a great perspective on a limitless God.  Her way with words often has me laughing and tearing up!

Enjoying Cheetos for Breakfast -a letter to young mothers, I know articles like this one are popular right now but it’s always nice to be reminded to get back to simple truths!

Two of my favorite mommy blogs right now are  Enjoying the Small Things and Naptime Diaries  I’m inspired by these two moms. I love artistic prints, down syndrome and transparency!!

And we are now going on 3 weeks in our new home and have SO enjoyed having space to run, play, be loud, be quiet and to just breathe out some!!!  


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