My Moments : January 2013

I have this BAD hang up that I can’t blog current things unless I’m all caught up with the past… and Right now I’m editing 4th of July stuff. But I need to just get over it and still post and not feel like it’s got to be a big ol’ long post with lots of photos. (but i do love those)

So I thought I would just blog the first of the “my moments” series I’m hoping to be consistent in writing this coming year. Just posts that have nothing to do with the kiddos… or photography…. just me.


Enjoying: Making Decisions, Setting Goals and Simplifying my life. Thanks to the amazing Lara Casey and her simple steps to Making Things Happen, I’m excited for this year and have a plan for how to make the things that matter matter most.   I’ve been just de-cluttering my home, finding new systems that work for things, setting goals, and just enjoying being a homemaker in a way I haven’t really before. I still need to figure out a way to set up hours and stick to them that I have to myself to really blog and work on client photography.

Listening to: In the Car…. for the most part I love the sound of silence. I love the feeling of getting into the car alone and driving somewhere in complete silence. I think it’s just a mental break for me from the non-stop chatter of toddlers. But after a while I’ll turn on NPR and I love that station because it’s always a surprise what will come on. In the daily grind at home so much is a routine and I really enjoy the newness and spontinaity that NPR brings to my occasional outings.

Currently Reading: Fit to Burst by Rachel Jankovic. I read her first book “Loving the Little Years” last year and LOVED it. This one… is even BETTER!! She’s got a lot of kids as well, but even if you just have 1 child…. to me, it’s a must read for any mom! I’m going to try to attempt a book review of it once I’m done. We are also reading a proverbs a day during the kids breakfast… my dad used to do that with us and as I read out loud to my children in my head I’m hearing exactly how my dad’s voice sounded as he read these wisdom filled words.

Excited about: Co-Teaching my first ever photography workshop in February with the ever so fabulous Kristin Shyla. So many thoughts run through my head when it comes to thinking about this… foremost being, “what if I fail?”, “what if those who sacrificed to come don’t enjoy it?”  but as I wrestle through my self doubts and embrace the opportunities God has put into my life, I get so excited as I think about all that Kristin and I have learned over the past 10 years of loving photography and how it’s such an amazing medium to bless others, preserve the past, and highlight the incredibleness of our creative God.

Encouraged by: Other mom’s with lots of kids. Lately I’ve been making sure to follow Instagrammers who are mom’s to big crews… or change the settings on my facebook to make sure other moms posts are sure to pop up. I think surrounding myself with mom’s who are currently  or who have gone through what I’m in the midst of in my life of littles…. it just helps me know I’m not alone.


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