Tips on Remembering the Little Things – little cross necklace

Kristin Shyla and I couldn’t be more excited about The Little Things, our upcoming workshop/conference,not sure which to call it because it will have aspects of both.

Kristin is bringing her passion for capturing the Narrative in people’s lives as well as things she’s gained in learning just how to shoot what she loves and how to stay true to the passions God’s put in your heart….even when people and circumstances tell you otherwise.  I’m coming armed with plenty of things I’ve learned as a photographer who has found herself as a mom in extraordinary circumstances with lots of little ones, as well as one who let the business side of things over run her life for years and is slowly gaining her life back and focusing on what matters MOST! I am still very much a work in progress…. but I have learned a lot in the past few years and I’m really excited to share with you what I wish someone would have taught me a long time ago.

I LOVE traditions. I LOVE memories. I LOVE heritage. I LOVE when things are passed down through the generations.

But, as someone who as a 5-6 year old completely ruined my mom’s mint condition barbie collection by cutting their hair and piercing their ears, (who knew it would turn green?) I know that giving a child a generational gift too soon might not be best in the long run. But you also don’t want to wait till it’s too late to give things to those you love and for them to start to enjoy these gifts and this may be the very age someone once trusted you with that something precious.

Here’s an idea. Give it to them, and have someone take photos while you do it. They might not remember grandma jones giving them a music box when they were 4 when they grow up but if they have photos of it happening how much more precious will that music box be to them later when they are actually old enough to care for it, even if grandma jones is no longer with them. life is short. life is uncertain. we need to capture the moments that are happening today…. and even make some of the moments happen today vs. happen later in life.

Zoe loves jewelry and yes, she’s worn quite a few pieces much to their ultimate detriment…. she’s only 4. So I knew that when grandma Chappell gave her a necklace that her mom wore as a young lady that I wanted to preserve it and keep it safe but also let Zoe and Grandma Chappell have the joy seeing her wear it now.

So, I let her wear it for family photo day and took photos of her wearing it specifically so she could remember 20-30-40 years from now just how special that little cross necklace is. Today it will go back into her grandmas jewelry box and hopefully come out for other special occasions as she grows up. Can you see how much more of a treasure it will be to her then?

Are there little things…. china dishes, lockets, salt shakers, music boxes, christmas decor, photo albums… that you should take some photos of that will help you and your kids remember the past and give deeper joy in the coming years?  Go capture it.  Take the photo and then ask the stories behind the things that you daily take for granted. You’ll be so glad you did when you’re able to tell your kids and their kids deeper stories about the rich and meaningful heritage that they came from.

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