Should you sign up for The Little Things?

Conference….. Workshop…..  I’m not really sure what to call this awesome day coming up on February 23rd right here in Fort Worth.  But I do know that it will be one day of learning and listening that could change the way you document your world.

I’ve received lots of messages and emails asking for a little more information on The Little Things. So, I thought I would kill a few birds with one stone and write a blog post about it.

Who it’s FOR: 

Any gal who really likes or loves photography and want to do more of it and do it better.

Any gal who wants to authentically document her life and the lives around her.

Any gal who lets the lack of perfection or understanding get in the way of picking up her camera and using it.

Advanced Photographers who finds herself in a rut, shooting the way she always has not the way she wants to, letting photography take over her personal life, not making time to shoot what really matters in her own life.

Who it’s NOT For: 

An advanced photographer looking for a lot of technical and hands on shooting advice.

Dudes. (Sorry guys, this one is just for the Ladies) \

What is Required:  

A desire to learn and a willingness to try new things.

A love for authentic real life photography.

A camera. (this doesn’t have to be a DSLR, this could even be your iPhone)

A basic understanding of your camera. (like how to turn it on, take a photo, view it, know how to get them on computer, etc…)

What does it include: 

Admittance to the Conference. (Location will be here in Fort Worth, exact place TBA… we are waiting to see what type of place we will need to best accommodate the number of ladies who register)

Notebook and pen to write…. write… write!!

Continental breakfast and a Box Lunch…. and you can bet there will be some form of chocolate to enjoy!!

Access to a private T.L.T. Facebook group forum. (this will be a place of encouragement and accountability and a safe place to be real for all those who attend!!)

I know I KNOW that when you’re a budding photographer and the list of  lenses and camera stuff you want and need grows by the day. I know that those things aren’t cheap and they require saving up for. I know that when your kids need shoes and there are bills to pay it’s hard to make a choice to invest money into a photography conference. I KNOW because I’ve had to do it myself. I am currently doing it myself.  Investing in my love for photography is something that I believe will be well worth the cost and will take me further in adding quality to my craft than any lens or the newest editing program. Are those things important? yes, but if you don’t know HOW to use them effectively and in a way that blesses your family and preserves your memories well… then are they really the most important?

And maybe you don’t have a lot of top quality equipment…or any for that matter, and feel like unless you have those things you can’t shoot your family or others in a way you want to….. so you don’t. Well, now is the time to stop that way of thinking and realize that even with a phone camera you can document your life and the lives of those you love in a way that will bless them and generations to come. We will show you how.

Hopefully this will be the best $99 you have spent in a long time. Register HERE.


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