Richard + Kristin + Gavin { Sincerely Session }

You know that saying that in order to meet the right one you need to run the race of the Christian walk and then look besides you and seeing who is running with you towards God and take their hand and run WITH them. Well, that’s kinda how Richard and Kristin’s love story began…. literally.  They met while racing. Kristin caught his eye and he found out who she was and figured out a way to meet her and the rest… well is history, their history.

One of the reasons I LOVE doing these Sincerely Session is the opportunity I have to capture a part of a family’s history and preserve it.  I love the idea of this precious family going through these images 10….20 years from now and remembering what this time of 2 + 1 was like.  I want them to remember the way their home felt first thing in the morning. I want them to remember the way this child who really just sleeps and eats and plays somehow made their lives before this  seem kinda boring. I want them to remember the crawling stage….the first tooth…. the first family dog.  I want them to remember…. and smile at God’s goodness in their lives and in their precious family.

I love this sweet family and look forward to getting to know them even more in the coming months and years as we worship together and serve each other at the Village church here in Fort Worth.



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