Coby + Amy + Aza + Elena + Soon to arrive Caden { Sincerely Session }

Sitting around at a baby shower, talking about all the things that moms like to gab about and sharing stories from their birth experiences and things they’ve learned. Yet Amy quietly sits there soaking in every story and tip and after a while the information kinda starts her head a spinnin’.  At first glance Amy looks to be a Mommy Pro, she has two beautiful daughters… she must know what she’s doing when it comes to birthin babies because well, this isn’t her first rodeo….. except that it is.  You see she’s opened up her heart and home to these girls who call her mom and she calls daughters, but they were born into her heart and not from her womb. Adoption is an amazing thing!! But because these girls don’t look too different from their gorgeous mom…. most assume that she birthed these beauties.  But this little boy inside of her will be her introduction to this aspect of motherhood.

I love stories that go deeper than at first glance…. I love families who were created and molded by a creative God… families who are completely okay to break the rules of the typical and normal.  I love mothers and fathers who embrace needs of others when it doesn’t look anything like other families around them and definitely not what they had always imagined it would be like.  I love the joy and humilty that accompanies these amazing families and the togetherness is all the more special…. because it’s been knit together by One who had a better plan than they would have written for themselves.

Meet the Bird Family.

I had SOOO much fun with all this togetherness!!! We played, drew, ate, painted, and roasted!!! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Check back on MONDAY for lots of sweet photos of Caden!!!! He’s a cutie!!!

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