The Incredible Wood Family

Adjective:  Impossible to believe: “an incredible tale of triumph”.
Difficult to believe; extraordinary: “the noise was incredible”

I love incredible families! And I love how the above description taken from google definition fits the Wood Family perfectly!! They have been such an incredible tale of triumph as they have given 6 orphans a family and a forever home.  It didn’t take long for our 4 littles to mesh with their 6 littles and yes, the noise that 10 littles brought to the home was incredible. 🙂

This was the first stop on our epic road trip this summer and you would think a family that is bursting at the seams would think twice about offering another big family their home to stay in…. but not the Woods. They were so gracious and let us all stay in their home that first night of our trip. It was awesome! We ordered pizza, talked about the Congo, (I’m sure you can tell that 5 of their cuties are from the Congo) and just talked about parenting a lot of littles and the changes that it has brought to our life. We were blessed. We were encouraged.

I love the hearts of these two people and I can’t wait to see all that their children will grow up to be and all that they will do for the incredible name of Jesus!!

Carrie blogs about their ups and downs and highs and lows, their trips across the world and their trips to the dr.s offices, their big monumental moments and all the little in betweens HERE.


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