Nathan + Angela + Graycen + MaryEvelyn + Cooper + Ella + Annagail { Sincerely Session }

This photo kinda captures the times I get to spend with Angela.

If you know anything about either of our families you know that our lives are anything but about being still. with 9 kids between us, she is one of the few friends I have that truly gets my life and the craziness that it contains.  But when we get to talk on the phone or better yet still in the same room and talk while drinking coffee…. oh, how easy it is to be still and through our conversations together truly know that God is God.

Angela’s friendship was one that I didn’t’ see coming. It sort of just happened while I wasn’t looking to develop kindred friendships. But it was just what I needed as I was grieving and then adjusting to my ever changing new normals. And now, as a mom to lots of littles and her having walked in my shoes just a few years back she is on my speed dial as an encourager, a resource, and a speaker of truth!

I love this family. It’s full of life…. abundant life. highs, lows, smiles, tears, arguments, make ups, hugs and cuddles, hospitality and togetherness, wisdom and truth, adventure and lots of learning, and most of all love for each other and for the Gospel!!

 Nathan and Angela. I love it when they tell me stories of what they were like when they got married and how much God has changed them over the years. We love to laugh at our current life similarities and our radically different upbringings. She picks at me for not knowing certain types of music, and I tell her all the time I’m going to kidnap her one day and we are going to go get makeovers and have fun picking out the latest lipstick color.

Graycen, as a first born myself  I can’t help but to see myself at her age when I look at her. she’s a confident kind 11 year old who always has her pulse on what is happening around her. I have no doubt that in the coming years she will stand for those who are weak and scream at the top of her lungs for those who have no voice, because that’s just the kind of strength she has inside her. I love her.

MaryEvelyn,  She’s a tall timeless beauty and a lover of knowledge and creativity, making her seem older than 10. It’s almost like she could be a character out of an anne of green gables or little house on the prairie book.

Cooper. I take notes constantly on the strategies and methods his mommy and daddy use in training him up to be a man of God. My Jack reminds me a lot of Cooper and I know that God can do so much through these determined and very smart young men. Cooper is a trooper to be one guy amongst a house full of gals, thankfully he has a very manly father that I’m sure helps balance the odds.  And like Jack, Coop says some of the funniest and thought out things that you aren’t expecting from this wild child’s 9 year old mind.

Ella. Sweet darling Ella. Unlike her storybook sister, this is the gal that I would find starring in a hit musical. She’s lively and lovable. Her green eyes sparkle with the excitement of life but occasionally you see the 7 year old little girl that she still very much is.

Little Annagail. Okay, at 5 years old she’s not that little anymore, but in a way I think all of us want her to be the baby forever. She’s the one who when scrapes her knee her four older siblings come running and argue over what method of rescuing this damsel in distress they should employ.  She is a lot like the crazy curls on the top of her pretty little head, with a mind of their own, going ever which way they desire for the day and beautifully softening with age.

Without further ado. May I present the marvelous Murray Family.

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