Falling in love with make-up

I don’t know when I developed a fascination with makeup products….I distinctly remember making fun of my little sister when we were in high school, just a grade apart, and she was curling those bangs and putting on lipstick just to go walk to a friends house and I was seeing nothing wrong with the wrinkled t-shirt/pony tail look (looking down…. wait, that’s what I’m wearing right now….sigh) but back then… I had all the time in the world and no excuse.  But God in His kindness to you all intervened and after high school sent me to Cosmetology school. So, an all-things-beauty-product junkie I became!!

I remember soon after I got married and my new husband and I were walking through the mall and I remembered I needed a new eyeliner. No problem…. until the dear new husband paid for the eyeliner and almost choked when the lady told him the $21 total.  I had some educating to do. 🙂

And from the sounds of it…. you gals want some educating as well.  Here you go!!!

Falling in love with Makeup


Here is a list of my most Favorite HG (Holy Grail) makeup products. Yes, some of them are pricey…. none of them are out of this world expensive. Some may surprise you that they made the list because yes, you can pick them up at any grocery store.

And while I’d love to say I discovered most of these products… I didn’t. I love watching you tube how-to’s (Ingrid’s my very Favorite!!) … beauty blogs… and makeup alley.com reviews.


Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Ulta) $10-12  *This is THE foundation makeup artist everywhere RAVE about!! I have used it for years and love it. It is FULL coverage. (so in the summer I normally don’t use it)  *I’ve tried the Revlon photo finish, didn’t like it and it made me break out. 🙁
Mac Studio Finish Concealer (for blemishes) $18  *it’s a splurge, but it will LAST!
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer (for under eyes and upper cheekbones) $7  *recently found this… and it’s awesome!
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder $7  *I’m working on my 3rd one of these. I wear the shade cream.
ECOTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush  *not so great for bronzing… but awesome for buffing in foundation and apply a setting powder. Target or Ulta $10

Facial Extras:
* I LOVE clinique spot healing gel for very fast cure of pimples that unexpected pop up. $15
* Origins Clear improvement Charcol mask is my favorite skin treatment!! $23
* Target brand makeup remover wipes (you can get a pack of 10 for .99 in the travel section) it’s great for nights that you just need a quick way to take off your makeup.  *I’m SOOO bad at having a night facial routine… a lot of times, these are it!!

Cheeks: Color and Contour
Sculpt by Mac (use as you would a bronzer… great for us ivory skinned gals) (watch a few videos on countering and you’d be so surprised how much better you feel and look knowing how to shade with a contouring shade/bronzer!!) $16-$18
Pinch of Peach (pink) or Fluer Power (coral) by Mac $20  Cubic (cooler) or Tenderling (warmer) are wonderful subtle blushes if you’re a barely there kind of blush wearer. But you’d be surprised how much more alive you’ll look with a brighter blush color… especially in the winter months when we lose our sun kissed color.
If you have more warmer tone skin, or love a little shimmer on your face… then I think the Nars Laguna/Orgasm Duo is a FABULOUS purchase!! This is probably one of the MOST recommended and favorites of makeup artists out there. (it’s just a little too shimmery for me)  Mary Kay’s Shy Blush is simply beautiful shade that is a good Nars dupe as well!!!

* for you budget beauties…. I love NYX blushes as well.  (summer peach or pinched are great pinks!!) (Ulta)
Real Techniques Powder Brush (Ulta) $10  (for Bronzing and contouring)
Real Techniques Blush Brush $10

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly or Mac Paints in Bare Canvas. (for eyeshadow primer) $18  *this is an amazing way keep your shadows on ALL day!!
Urban decay Naked 2 eyeshadow pallet $50 (it’s A LOT but SO worth it!!) *once you get used to using a wide variety of colors you can go towards individual colors in the future… but this pallet will be a great way to start playing with eyeshadows.

OR if you feel like you’ve got a handle on playing with eyeshadows… then INGLOT is by far my most favorite eyeshadows company!!! Their freedom system is amazing!! They are in BIG cities all over the U.S. and you can order them online, but it’s really hard to pick out shades that way. I LOVE these eyeshadows! I adore my 10 shadow pallet I got in NYC Times Square. (although, I would probably just get 1 or 2  5 shadow pallet next time, since they are skinnier and would be easier to tote around)

L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner Carbon Black $9 (Ulta) (you might not be used to liquid eyeliner… but it really makes for an amazing eye!!)
otherwise I like Mac Eyeliner Pencils… (coffee, ebony are classics, but everyone loves the color Teddy… it’s a rich brown)
Mascara… that’s one of those things everyone has one they love so you just have to try and find the one that works the best for you. I love Bare Minerals Buxom  and Mary Kay Ultimate Lash. I hear great things about Loreal Mascara as well as Rimmel.
Eyeshadow Brushes: Sonia Kashuk “small eyeshadow brush” and “large crease brush” Target… about $6 each.  or the EcoTools eye shading brush

Mac Lip Liner (in a shade that’s one shade darker than your lip color
Mac Lip stick. (BEST lipsticks!!!) $16 each…. get 2 colors!! Just go play with colors. I’d suggest a natural nude color…. Viva Glam 5 is a nice one with sparkle, and then a classic Red or Rich Berry color.  (Nudes and Rich Bordeaux are going to be a popular hues this fall)

Yes, you can pull off a bold color!! It’s a great way to take your makeup from daytime mommy…. to date night with daddy!!smile

If you are a lipgloss girl, then go with a more nude looking lip glass…… and then a colored lipstick! For me, lipsticks look more classy and last longer!!

Extra Tips: 

Most of these are from Target, Ulta, and Sephora. (and find out what department store your MAC counter is from and add that store to the list as well).  So if you have a birthday coming up and with Christmas around the corner let friends and family know that’s where you would love gift certificates from.

Yes, its an initial investment…  but when you have quality products you love you will use every last drop and save money in the long run.   I also find that budgeting about $15 a month is plenty to help me be able to replace any product that I may run out of… and if I don’t need it, I go buy a lipstick that I don’t have anything like.

I was subscribing to Birchbox each month and realized that even though it was only $10… a lot of times it was for products that I didn’t like or didn’t use often. (and I think since I was in the 30+ category they kept sending me sunscreen and wrinkle cream samples…. I was bummed because I wanted the box with the sparkly nail polish! )  It was much wiser to put that $10 to use on a product that I loved and would last me at least a year or more.

Find out where your closest Mac counter would be, and make friends with the gals there. When you have a few minutes to kill… go by there (find out where the best place to park at the mall/store that gets you right near the makeup section of the store…  Hey, don’t think I’m crazy, I just have 4 toddlers so if and when I get out… I make the best use of every minute!!!)  Go in and just try out some lipsticks… have them apply the latest trend in blushes.  One tip I use often, if the makeup counter ladies are hovering just assure them that you’re JUST there to look and try on some shades and probably not going to buy anything that day. And don’t feel like you HAVE to buy something. My ladies love it when I come in and we talk kids and latest hair trends… (Mac Artist are VERY unique and will wear colors and styles that are out of this world crazy!! Don’t let their appearances intimidate you, they are people who have day to day lives just like you and me.)   If you find a lady that really listens and helps you find things that work for you not just that are trending… find out when she works and go back on days you know she’ll be there. This is a great way to build relationships with other women and connect with them…. and it’s a lot of fun!!!

And here is a great link for all things MAC related. (Can you tell it’s my favorite brand?)  But I’m too creative to just only be confined to all things MAC and not wealthy enough to give them all my money either.  So…. I splurge occasionally… and I don’t know, somehow it makes it all the more fun and enjoyable.

What are your Saves and Splurges in the area of Beauty??  What are your HG (holy grail) products?? 

Leave me a comment below and tell me what they are….. and on Friday I’ll pick a random one of you and send you a $10 Ulta gift card to get you started!!!

Love you ALL…. now, go put on a long sleeve shirt, paint your nail a shade of wine, shake out your scarfs and begin to embrace the fall season.

Falling in Love with Fall Fashion
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