Wes + Angey + Cullen { Sincerely Session }

over 14 years ago I had just graduated Cosmetology school and moved back home. I would be getting a roommate that summer who would be a summer missionary to the church my dad pastored. We loved summer missionaries. Each year excited college students would come ready for a summer of service and discipleship.

She walked in and we instantly became friends…. not long after we became the best of friends…. and still are to this day.

We were roommates in college, argued about boys, experimented with perming and highlights, camped at the beach and in front of the chapel, shared many lunches at a nearby mexican restaurant and pulled a couple of all nighters when papers were due… thanks to the Kangeroo cappuccino’s down the street. We toured scotland together and stood by each other’s side as we said I do to our husbands.  I taught her about photography… and she taught me about africa…. little did either of us know at the time the role those things would play in our futures. She has walked faithfully along side of not only me but several close friends as plunge into the depths of sorrow when we had to say earthly goodbyes to our little ones.  (and that is not easy… to be there for someone who you want to love well but you don’t fully understand all they are going through and you can’t go where they have been. sometimes… it’s easier not to try. But she always tried… and when we could see the light at the top, she was there. When we were ready to talk, she was there. When we were ready to rejoice again… she was there!!)

When I go back to Raleigh to visit… I know I have a place on her couch. When we made our family trip there this summer we quickly reserved an evening and a morning that would  be spent with just her sweet little family of 3 and  me. When I wasn’t shooting we were sharing about our lives, our families, our husband’s ministries and our heart’s passions ranging from motherhood to adoption to friendships to of course photography.  It was delightful.

Thanks Wes for the amazing homemade waffles and for just being awesome.  Ang…. how can one say thank you for 14 years of amazing unforgettable friendship?

I love you guys!



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