Jere + Anna + Clive { Sincerely Session }

Jeremiah is the brother that when people meet, they always say… gosh you two resemble each other. I want to say… you have no idea!! We both are very determined, stubborn at times and both very outgoing…. and we adore new experiences. We both love coffee, cast iron skillets, camping, and  old things that have a history or a story behind it.  We both love being married and having children, we have a strong work ethic, and we are committed to the things we believe in.  So, while it may be obvious we both look alike … I love that we are similar in so much more than that.

One amazing perk of having 6 brothers (yep, SIX!)  has been gaining sister in laws. I mean, I LOVE it when these girls become family and I get to see them at all the big events and birthdays and even in the everyday. My brothers have done excellent jobs at choosing wives…… Anna is perfect for Jeremiah and I love watching them interact and do life together. Their love is evident and her heart for her two boys is obvious. I’ve so enjoyed having them stop by and let me play with Clive and get those incredible smiles he’s so good at giving to anyone who will tickle his neck or throw him up in the air. The kid is FULL of  fun personality.  One day they might ride off into the sunset driving a VW van ready to camp across america, but for right now, I’m really loving having them here close by and having a front row seat as they blossom into a beautiful strong family.

Here is a glimpse into their simply sweet life.


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