{ Around the House } September 2012 – Favorite Things

Jack has a affinity for collecting coins lately…. and hasn’t been above asking random strangers for money as well. He knows that quarters are better than pennies. He loves having a pocketful of jingle.

Evie goes straight for my phone almost the moment she wakes up. She loves technology… my phone, the remote, the computer… you name it, she’s attempting to get to it.

Zoe, well… she is a blankey girl through and through. I’m shocked we have never lost it the past 4 years… but she loves holding it, rubbing it, having it cover her toes just so at night. ┬áIt’s really sweet.

Ezra could eat from sun up to sun down. He loves food. I have to remind him often to slow down and to enjoy his food. He eats whole apples… core and all. He loves cheese puffs and sucks down a serious amount of juice.

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