Jack: a study in contrasts

What is a mom to do with a kid like you?  You are something else. Completely 100% boy that’s for sure. You wear me out. You amaze me. You confuse me. You help me see things clearly. You frustrate me. You make me SO happy. You don’t sit still for a second, or so it feels until you are near me giving me the best snuggles ever. You are so stubborn. You are so sensitive. You hate to lose but don’t want to compete. You will fight in a heartbeat over something you want…. unless it’s your baby sister and then you’re gentle as a lamb with her. If asked, you don’t know your colors or numbers or songs….. but when telling me about things or singing to yourself you will recite them perfectly. You love to read but being read to isn’t’ your favorite.  You’re probably my favorite happy face to see in the morning… (because you’re so happy first thing) and you’re definitely my favorite person to see go to bed at night. (although getting you to go to sleep is an adventure in itself)  You are such an interesting kid and you always keep me on my toes and ready to discover something new about you…. and it will most likely contradict  in some way something I already know to be true about you right now.


Tonight, just when I thought you and your siblings were driving me bonkers I thought I would take you guys out and let you just run your energy out. so we did. Zoe as usual just wanted to race…. even if it was racing herself. Ezra wanted to explore. Evie wanted to just watch you guys. But you….. after realizing that you weren’t going to beat Zoe at this running game, you turned your attention to the lady on her porch who was on her phone. I had noticed her but wanted to give her privacy… it seemed like a personal phone call.  But you tuned in.  You listened. You walked up to me and asked me why that lady was crying. I couldn’t even see her crying….. but somehow you did.  I told you that I didn’t’ know why and that you should go ask her if she’s okay. (we’ve been practicing and you LOVE being a hero and gentleman to your sisters and momma and other ladies)  So you marched right up to her and asked her in your sweet tender voice why she was crying and if she was okay. She….. couldn’t help but to smile as she wiped a tear off her cheek.  She told you that she had had a hard day. The clan had joined you at this point and they all were doing their best to pepper her with questions and make her laugh.  It worked.  I think her day was made just a little better….. and it was because you noticed a small moment of someone in need.

You help me see more clearly.

Jack you were a hero and a total gentleman today. You showed me that all this exhausting work of training you and trying to be consistent in reminding you to obey and that giving you brothers and sisters to rescue and be the hero to and praying for you each and every day….. it all matters. It all pays off. it is rewarding. it’s worth every second of every minute spent with your diametric self.  It makes me look forward to all the discoveries and the study of contrasts you have for us and for the world in the coming years.  I love you bud. I really really do.


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