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$9,000.00 ….


This past summer the countdown was on. It was a countdown of days, but it was also a countdown of dollars. When you’re adopting it’s hard not to think in terms of days and dollars when you think about what is separating you from your child(ren).  It’s also hard not to imagine situations that would eliminate those barriers and bring you closer to holding that precious little one.

Mine was “if every single Facebook friend of mine would just give $15, that’s only 2-3 trips to Starbucks, then my two babies will have a home and we can go get them so very soon”  In my mind, I mean who wouldn’t give up a few cups of coffee to give a homeless starving child a family who will love them and provide for them. But it’s innocent thoughts such as mine that often get us into trouble and cause us a lot of unrest, lack of peace, tension, and stress. You see, that was MY idea for providing for this journey that GOD had placed us on. My problem was thinking that my logic was going to be what produced the provision needed and was going to be what strengthened my faith.  People…. that’s NOT how God works most of the time.

If every friend had given just a little bit then that would have robbed a lot of people from  sacrificial giving that God was asking of them and would bless them for. If every friend had given just a little bit then I might have thought it was my friendliness that brought the provision we needed. If every friend had given just a little bit then maybe the bigness of what was needed might have been minimized and not brought often to the throne room of God.

Can he use our ideas, our efforts, our sacrifices, YES!! But we need to take caution if we turn to those things and start to rely on them to fully fund and provide for this adoption. Not that God can’t do that. But that often it’s not the case. Often our goals aren’t met in ways we were imagining they would be. Often there are people out there who don’t give or don’t get involved that in the back of your mind you knew would. But on the other side of that coin so very often God uses people whom we might not even have ever met or known to bless us and help provide for a child that they just heard about or that God put on their hearts.

“God’s work done God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” That’s a quote by Hudson Taylor that I grew up hearing my Dad repeat on several occasions. And coming from a man who raised 9 children…. it means a whole bunch to me today.  Because it’s true.

But hear that, it won’t lack God’s money “supply”. So, when you’re sitting there frustrated that so and so isn’t giving the money that she or he obviously has, or you’re wondering why family members aren’t selling all they have to bring their new nice or nephew or grandchild home, or you’re confused that the masses or those you see every sunday at church aren’t giving up a cup of coffee for something so much greater….. just remember.  Our ways aren’t like His ways.  Let HIM show off His powerfulness and all knowing provision by providing in the ways HE wants to.  Remember, He sees all things and knows all things, so bringing your child home isn’t the only thing He has in mind when He’s working on your adoption’s behalf. He is working in the life of the giver, the receiver, the observer, the skeptic, the neighbor, the prayer warrior, the relative, the orphanage, the nations, the world.  He is working to humble, to bless, to sanctify, to purge, to draw, to strengthen, to comfort, to amaze, to press, to convict, to change, to love all of those people in ways we never could make happen on our own or in our own ways of thinking or planning.

It’s not that we aren’t voices for the helpless in how we ask people to be a part of something amazing and something urgent… but may we never beg as though we ourselves are helpless and may we never believe that the future of the orphan somehow depends on our friends, or family, or our blog readers. God may use them to be a part of something amazing and much bigger than themselves…. ultimately, it’s God who will put the lonely into families and it’s God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

We do have a Helper. We have someone that the future of the orphan and the future of us all depends on with every breath.

Trust Him. Be not afraid. Just rely on Him and know that He will provide in His timing.  (and trust also that His timing sometimes doesn’t look like ours either.)

It’s easy sometimes as mommies and daddies to wring our hands and worry our hearts over our babies who are clinging to life by a thread or are in hospitals fighting disease or are wearing rags or are at the mercy of their broken government. But know this. Our God isn’t wringing his hands. He knows intimately what is going on over there with every single person. He knows when a baby you will call yours will be born at 24 weeks gestation. He knows when governments will shut down, He knows when you will have to pay for two years of extra care. He knows where your dossier and exit letters are. He knows that child you thought was yours really belongs with someone else. He knows that there will be untold number of twists and turn. He knows He knows. And He cares.

While you may still need a massive amount of money, or may need the calendar days to go by a little bit faster… or slower… but  never forget that all you or I truly need is God.

one way to really get your kids involved in saving for an adoption is to have a money jar… Jack and Zoe STILL run around everytime they find a penny or a quarter wanting to put it into the “congo baby jar”  Now, this might not make a dent into what you actually need financially, but I think you’ll find that it will impact your kids lives for years to come and make them a part of this incredible journey of adoption. And I think it’s another way that we make it not about the money but about what God is wanting to do in and through us and our family in this experience.  

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