NYC with SCS Minimester 2012

Right before Spring Break I got to go with Dan on a Mini-mester Mission trip with a bunch of the highschoolers he teaches. It was such a great trip and my pastor was a chaperone as well, and the sweet momma’s that came along were amazing and I could spend hours just talking with them about so much. We had an incredible tour guide/missions coordinator named Haden. What a blessing she was to me that week!!! I’ll never forget it.  Aside from plantar fasciitis issues and a huge blister on the bottom of my foot…. NYC was awesome. If I could have taken a cab everywhere… would have been perfect.

Aside from my iPhone I took my newly acquired medium format film camera. I made myself take it and leave my digital SLR at home. I wanted to challenge myself. And challenge it was. It was heavy…. I had to stop and change out the film at inopportune times…. I didn’t know if it was even working…. I had no idea what the images would be like.  It was frustrating. But it was also fascinating.  I was shooting for me. And I knew what I captured in camera was what I was going to end up with. I still want to shoot more with it and have it not be in such an on the go situation…. anyone want a portrait session done in ALL film? Let me know.  I really LOVE the look of film. I love the idea of not having to be in front of the computer editing as much. But it’s an art form that requires commitment and patience and money. I’m not throwing in the towel…. I want to shoot more. I just need more of the three things I just mentioned. 🙂

I got the film developed and the lab forgot to burn them to a CD so I scanned my own negatives (thus the photos are smaller… hello learning curve).

Here are some of my favorites.

Mamiya 645, Ilford 400, Fugi 400H converted to B/W.

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