Happy Birthday Zoe #3

After a Whirlwind 12 days since we had even heard you existed in your mothers belly we were nervous and giddy to go meet the woman who had given you life and had loved and carried you inside her the past 9 months. What would she be like? We knew we already loved her because we already loved you. But we had never done this before…. it was all new.

Then the phone rang. Change of Plans. Instead of going to Appleby’s for lunch with your mother we were going to go by there and get it to GO because you had just been born!!!! (and your birth momma was tired and hungry!!)

We went into a total tizzy… running around.. calling friends and family… YOU WERE HERE!!!!

We went to the Hospital and there sat the most amazing woman and she was holding you. She had been holding you all morning. She smiled her BIG smile and instantly my nerves were settled and we hugged and then she placed you into my arms. Words can’t describe that moment. I felt so strangely bonded to you and to your mom who gave you to me. I knew what she was feeling because not too long before I had to give up your older brother…. and it wasn’t easy. Yes, this was different but not entirely. Our hearts related.

You were sooooo tiny. 5.lbs 9 ounces. itty bitty you were.  and itty bitty you would stay for quite some time. You wore Preemie clothes for a while and stayed in Newborn size until you were 3 months at least.


We were in a little bit of Heaven anytime we held you.

Instantly you were a people person it seemed. You never minded the countless people whose arms also ached to hold a sweet little baby like you!!! You would smile and laugh for them. You loved going out and being on the go with Mommy and Daddy. You traveled amazingly with me in between Texas and North Carolina when I had to shoot weddings in those places. People on planes would just swoon over you… flight attendants would give me sooo much attention because I think they wanted me to get tired of holding you and give them a chance. ūüôā


Three Years has SPED by. You’ve continued to be a sheer delight every step of the way. I’ve fallen in love with each age stage as you grow into them… because you’re introducing me to each one. ¬†But one thing has remained constant. You love people!!!

Tonight as we ate at Pizza Hut with Grandma and Grandpa Chappell, (a place we had to go because you love seeing a certain waitress who works there!) You talked with everyone who came in to order pizza. You offer your name to any kid you think might end up being a potential friend of yours. ¬†You are SOOOO friendly!! ¬†Just yesterday you were on the back porch and you yelled out to a guy who lives in the next building over as he walked to his car… “hey guy, I asked you what your name is!!!! MOM He won’t tell me his name!!!!” ¬†I then explained that not everyone needs to tell you their name and that he probably had to get to work like Daddy goes to work. ¬†You seemed to be satisfied with that answer.

I’m amazed at how even at 3 years old you are so great at anticipating other’s needs and racing to help them. As a big sister to 2 brothers and a sister already, that happens several times a day. I went to cut your frozen go-yogurt in half ¬†and normally I use a scissors but in complete mommy fashion I couldn’t find them… so I just grabbed a nearby knife and started attempting to cut it, you saw that and instantly ran to the place where obviously I last had the scissors and got them and brought them to me and said, “here mommy, this is better” ¬†You’re such a BIG HELPER!!!

I’m so incredibly blessed to have you as a daughter and I see every day in sooo many ways the amazing sovereignty of God ¬†knew just why we needed you in our family!! I can’t imagine life without you. I love you more than you will ever ever know.


love, your mommy












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