Jack’s Birthday #2

How can this kid be two already? wasn’t it just yesterday that we were driving to dairy queen to pick up this little newborn?

I wish I could say that I went all out for his birthday this year, but alas… I didn’t, I couldn’t. I was about to board a plane to africa in a few short days.  I felt a little bad for it, but after this year he will share his birthday week with a brown brother so I guess he might as well get used to having a birthday that isn’t just about him. I think it’s going to be extra fun having two boys with birthdays… I think we’ll be able to have 100% totally boy bashes that will make both Jack and Ezra’s birthday even more fun!!

Jack has brought to this family, to this home So much LIFE!! Yes, sometimes that life looks more like, loud noises, messy hands and faces, explosive diapers, various weapons being wielded, hurdling toys across rooms, and temper tantrums, but a lot of times that life brings sweet soft kisses, unprompted i love you’s, cuddly t.v. time,  buddy time with grandpa,  fascination with anything with wheels, excitement for daddy to come home from work, wrestling with uncle josh, loves for his sister, and a very precious sweetness towards his mommy.  I’m not just saying this when i say it, but I truly can’t imagine life without jack.

Son, you are going to be an amazing man one day. the determination you have, the instinct, the incredible sense of adventure…. I can only imagine the places you will go and the people you will meet and the accomplishments you will have. I think that you will keep me on my toes as a mommy as you grow, always reminding me that yes, you’re mine… but really you’re God’s. only he could have arranged things the way they were in order to place you into this family. As your mom I’m sure I will try to control, or plan, or dream, or nag you in the direction of your life, as I know that I’m a pretty opinionated lady. But even now you daily surprise me with the way your mind works and the way your heart leads you. I think we are both in for the ride of our lives. And I promise no matter what profession you choose and no matter where god takes you I will be a part of team jack and will be praying for you. I love how much you love and respect your daddy. You’re going to hear it over and over again across the years…. listen to him… model his love for god… and know that he loves you so very much. You’re about to gain a brother and a sister…. your brother Ezra will be pretty much exactly a year younger than you. Yes, I know I’m asking for double trouble but I couldn’t ask for a better brother for ezra. He is going to need  someone to look up to and to learn from… right when he gets here and for the years to come. But I have no doubt that you can be a strong leader and influence in his life. And I know you’re going to be a super protector of both your big sister and your new little sister. I’m so excited to have a front row seat in this adventure called your life. I’m so so so happy God chose us to be your parents.  we love you son, to the moon and back.


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