it’s almost time

I’m feeling the labor pains…. I’ve been nesting… I’m starting to turn my focus from the everyday things to the moments that lie just ahead of me.  It’s almost time.

In just over 24 Hours Kristin Cook and I will be boarding a plane and heading to the Congo.  We will arrive Friday night and then after trying to sleep that night… come Saturday morning we will meet Evie and Ezra for the first time. I hope they like us… because they are stuck with us the whole rest of the time… and for the rest of their lives. 😉  I can’t wait!!!!!!!  (now… I know, they probably won’t like us at first… they don’t know us and we are taking them away from their “home” but that’s okay, we will ALL need time to adjust to each other and to bond and to get used to our new family. And God’s abundant grace will be just that… Abundant!!)

While we are over there I’m going to try to blog as best as I can with the limited internet access and power. But here on the blog while I’m over there I can’t post photos or personal information for security reasons. So… I’ll be posting them on a private group page in the meantime.  If you want to be included in those updates… please email or facebook me.  (  or )

Your prayers and thoughts mean the world to me. I’m SO blessed to have you all on this journey with me. I love you.


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