Chappell Epic Day of Fun

It always happens… just as life is about to change you start feeling very comfortable and content in the way life is right now.  You know the feeling, the way you get when you’re about to move across country, or quit a job or have a baby!!! Well, I’ve been soaking up this last few weeks with life as a family of 4. All of the sudden it’s easier to take them places out and they are getting so much more independent and fun. Going out to eat isn’t quite the work it used to be when they were babies. It’s been nice. And it’s been something that I’ve had to enjoy even while KNOWING it’s all going to change again. Going out to eat?? Probably isn’t going to happen much. Going anywhere is going to be work…. a lot of work.   The Chappell’s will be a family of 6. And while that’s going to be Amazing, it’s also going to be hard and challenging. And I know I’ll look back to this time and miss it.  But hopefully I”ll be too busy capturing the awesomeness of watching my oldest two grow and become yes, more independent but more helpful with their baby brother and sister, and I’ll be watching the youngest two grow more independent yes, but first as they grow more attached and needy and praising God when they need me as their mommy more because they aren’t going to know us at all and we will be taking them from everything familiar to them… sights, smells, sounds, “home” to them!!

So, the other day we went on what I’ve referred to as the Chappell Epic day of Fun!! It was a blast from beginning to end.  (probably way too much sugar and stimulation was involved… but it was worth it!! 🙂 )

We had SO much fun as a family this day which began as every wonderful epic day should at Starbucks…. and with Donuts.


OF course Mr. and Mrs. Chappell were there enjoying each and every moments almost as much as the kids were.

We took the kids to their FIRST movie. (do you remember your first movie? Mine was Snow white and the 7 dwarfs with my grandparents!)



They did great through the movie. Dan… not being the animated movie fan that he is, did great too. He actually enjoyed the cleverness that Winnie the Pooh was written with. 🙂


Then, YES we did… we took these kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Gosh, what kid doesn’t have memories from that place.  We had tried to go before but found out the weekend was NOT the time to go to that joint. (try explaining that to two heartbroken toddlers at the time)  But we made good on our promise and took them there on this epic day!!  They had the place to themselves basically and LOVED it!!


Have Fun. Be Cool. Take Naps.

Definitely a wonderful epic day of Fun!!!

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