We have our Referrals!!!

Ever since we started this process Dan and I knew that international adoption can take TIME and involves a lot of waiting. With both our previous adoptions we only had about 2 weeks inbetween hearing about the possibility of adoption and bringing them home!!  This was going to be a whole other ballgame.

But then things just kept flying past… application, homestudy, paperwork,…. and this is when we were supposed to start waiting, but then on the friday night of Jack’s adoption we get a call.  We have a little boy for you.  It’s funny, after going through so many adoptions and having to communicate about so many important life changing things via phone with people, I’ve gotten to where I can tell by a glance of Dan’s eye or the tone of his first sentence what kind of phone call it is and what he’s being told.  This was one of those such calls.

Then we got a photo of a very sweet sad little boy who we are told is about 8 months old. (I’m guessing he’s probably a little older)

But in order to accept this child, money would have to be paid now!!! Money we didn’t entirely have. So that left us a little confused. We are striving to be wise financially but we also know that God will provide for this. But should we be having to take such a leap of faith so soon in the process?  We prayed. We talked to wise people. We prayed some more.

God worked in both of our hearts and we decided together that we were leaping!!

We were so excited. Leave it to God to finalize one adoption and showcase His faithfulness in that process and then OPEN up the next door in a big way… as if to say, “I did this… let me do it again. Trust me!!”

So we accepted the referral with joy! And guess what, the money came. Through the Beauty Basket and through other unexpected blessings, the money was there when we needed it. Not a moment sooner.

Then the wait for our little girl began. A wait that would only last a few days.

The call came. The flash of importance in my husband’s eye. the silence in the car until the phone call was done. And the surprise of our life when we were told that we had an opportunity to accept a little girl who at that time was only 7 days old!!!

Yes!! We knew right away that this was our second baby.

“Let me remind you again of the frailty of life for an abandoned newborn over there… there is just as much chance of her dying as her living.”   We heard those words and our hearts understood that reality in a way that few parents can. We knew what it was like to love a baby today who might not be yours tomorrow.

So, Today this tiny little girl, who I’ve been told has the softest head of hair ever, is being loved by a mommy and a daddy in America. Today she is being prayed for. Today she is being thought about. Today she is having a wardrobe of flowers and purple prepared for her.  We will let what happens tomorrow be in the Hands of the One who is already in tomorrow. The One who loves this little girl MORE than we ever could, because He was there when she was being knit in her mother’s womb. He was the One who sustained her through a horrible first week of life and He was the One who led someone to find her. And He is the One who ordained that she be ours….. for today…. and hopefully for always!



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