Jack’s Adoption Day

It was a beautiful summer morning and we headed downtown to the courthouse.

We were one of just a few families there so it took no time at all to get in to see the judge.  And what a kind sweet judge he was.



We answered questions admitting that Jack had no belongings of his own and then raised our hands and promised that all we have is now his and that we would assume all rights and responsibilities for him.


That was it… then he was ours!!!!!


And it’s like he knew. He’s been just a lovey kissey cuddly boy bursting with words ever since.

* Thanks SO much to the Fabulous Julie Kirby for taking our photos on such a last minute notice.

Afterwards our new family of four went to breakfast with Dan’s parents. We went to Cafe Brazil which is new to Fort Worth but isn’t new to us, we love going to the locations in Dallas!!

Jack loved getting some gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.


this one LOVES her grandpa


they gave the kids these donated stuffed animals at the courthouse after Jack's adoption took place.


Then we all went home and took a 3 hour nap!!!!  We so needed it.

THEN we headed out to Weatherford for a celebration dinner!!!  And of course that included treats from Dairy Queen. (since that’s where I first met the little guy, yep, he was handed to me by his biological great grandparents over burgers and a blizzard!! good times!)



It was a wonderful beautiful day and one I will NEVER forget.  The Faithfulness and Goodness of God carried us every step of the way. And it will be the same faithfulness and goodness that we will have to rely on for the next 20 years as we raise Jack to be a man of God who fears Him and whose heart will follow hard after Him. That is our prayer.

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