Bleecker Family Lovin

I needed a 6-9 month old model to help me out with THIS Best of Basket…. and I needed one fast. Having not lived here in Texas all that long I didn’t know of anyone with that age little boy.

Wait a minute… I knew of one family, and I really didn’t know them personally.  The dad is the worship leader at the church we’ve been a part of the past two years.  Michael has led my husband and I in worship in ways that I will forever be grateful for. There were sundays where I was longing for heaven and sick and tired of sin and the toil that living here on earth binds us to, and we would get to church and truth would be written on the screens and worship would be sung and this girl would sing at the top of my lungs, hands raised in praise and I would get a taste of glory that would make it a little more easier to go home and wake up on monday ready to live out my faith in a day to day way.

So, I emailed them and wondered if they would let me use their son as a model.  They said yes!!

Beau was a great model as you can tell from the post before this one….  But I couldn’t just stop with him. I had to capture this sweet family in their home that day.  They are precious and being with them makes me so excited to add another boy to our family!!

Thanks Bleecker Family. Ya’ll are beautiful inside and out. And I am one gal who is grateful for your love for our Savior and dedication to His church!

Jude was not so sure about me at first but I think he figured out pretty quick that I know 2 year olds and I think I might have won him over by the end of the shoot! 🙂  (he’s 2 weeks younger than Zoe)

Evan…. well, this guy is already a gentleman and a great big brother!! Isn’t he a handsome guy?

What a delightful family!  I’m so glad that there are 3 incredible young men growing up in this world… and as a mommy of little girls, that means the world to me because I’m already praying for their husbands and their husbands families. Thanks Bleeckers for displaying God’s beauty through your family!
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