funny thing called life

So I was supposed to have the next Best of Basket up on here today…. well, it’s not going to happen today. 🙁 I know, but before you start to sob…. be assured it will be up on Monday!!! (and trust me, there is a reason it’s going to be featured on the 6th!!… no silly, we’re not adopting 6 kids now, it’s still just the 2. But it just might have to do with the awesomeness that I will be featuring in this basket. I’m SO excited about this one! So… Please, come back and see the fabulous stuff that you WILL want come Monday!)

I’ve been wanting to blog so badly the past two weeks…. but that funny thing called life just keeps getting in the way.  And we have definitely had a few weeks full of life….the highs and the lows.

First of all, it’s SUMMERTIME!!!! Dan always makes us listen to will smith’s song summertime over and over come this time of year. As a teacher you know he’s loving life right now!  But I’m really glad too. I love our days of blowing up arm floaties and applying sunscreen. I love fresh fruit (HATE the fruit flies!) and fresh salads. Sonic Happy Hour and QT .59 drinks.  I love the breeze that always seems to be blowing in Fort Worth. Road Trips. I love the long days of daylight. I love summer! (now… please don’t remind me of this post in two months when I’m whining about august weather in Tx, okay?)

I love the show Bones. I started the series a few months back when I had Bronchitis and couldn’t sleep at night. And I have fallen in love with this show. Can Bones and Booth be any sweeter??? I’m only on episode 16 on Season 1… so I have a lot to catch up on. (thus I freak out and make Dan change the channel anytime he stumbles onto a current or newer episode on TV.) Fun times. Any of you a Bones fan?? (besides you two, heather and gena??:) )

My brother John graduated from college last week. And this week (tomorrow actually) my brother Josh will graduate from police academy. I’m so proud of them both!!! You have never seen two more harder working guys than Josh and John, so these accomplishments make me so happy and I know just how much they deserve these honors!  I love you guys and I’m SO proud of you.


We went to the Zoo.  Kristin went with us. It was hot. The kids (or kristin) really weren’t impressed with the Dinosaur exhibit being featured. (to kristin’s future husband… go big or go home!! 🙂 E.g….. don’t take her to the Paris in Vegas, take her to PARIS!!)  But we did have a great time despite the animals not really being very social that time of day. Of course Everything is better when you have a friend with you… that’s one of the perks of having a live in best friend. I know she won’t be with us much longer (as to make room for some babies!!) so I’m trying to soak up all the afternoon conversations and episodes of Castle and Cupcake wars I can for now.


We’re getting ready to have a yard sale. I wish I were my mom, she’s a yard sale PRO!! But me, I just get overwhelmed and then become paralyzed because of all the stuff that has to be sorted, priced, put out. And by the time the day the yard sale is here… I’m so ready to get the stuff out that I want to sell everything in my house… just so I can have some simplicity. Throw in the fact that it’s all going towards adoption, well, we might not have a bed to sleep on or a computer to write on here anymore. Help me Lord!  I’d much rather do a cookie stand or something sweet like that. hmmmm…. I might just have to do that. (some other month!)

My sister Jessica left home last week. This month was supposed to be filled with hugs of congratulations of completing highschool, but instead it was filled with hugs of unconditional love as we begged her to stay and to change her ways and to come back to Jesus. And instead of taking her senior photos I’ve just been looking at past photos of her, especially of the ones of her and my little girl who thinks her auntie jess hung the moon. But Jess didn’t want to change and didn’t want to stay, so she just left. I know it’s a little strange to just throw this in here with all the day to day stuff that has been making up my life lately, but I thought it would be appropriate because it’s becoming a part of my day to day life.  When my parents told me she was leaving (and didn’t even care to say goodbye to any of us) I felt it…. a very familiar feeling but one I haven’t felt fully in quite sometime. It was Sorrow. He was back and I had forgotten how weighty it felt, how depressing and consuming it could be; I also had forgotten but quickly remembered how desperate for the strong arms of God it made me.  I’ve cried quite a bit for my sister…. for my children’s aunt. I don’t understand. I am hurt. But God is all knowing and He is the healer. I can come to Him with my fears and my broken heart because He is in control and He is the comforter.  Please just pray that she will realize that every love will disappoint and fail her except the love that gave His own life for her.

We have our homestudy visit coming up this next week. I tend to have the same overwhelmed and paralyzed reaction that I do with the yard sale when it comes to these. Thank goodness I’m married to a get-it-done man who makes things like these happen or I would probably keep putting it off until my house would be all clean and organized… which would be never. So… here’s to husbands to make things happen! 🙂  This homestudy will be one of the final steps to getting Jack’s adoption finalized. (All the releases needed from his parents and presumed parents and such have been received and after this… we shall go to court to make this boy an official Chappell! Oh what a day that will be. I can’t wait!)  It will also be one of the first big accomplishments that will put us much closer to bringing our Congo Babies home to us!!!

We have a new church home. For two amazing years we made the treck up to Flower Mound, leaving an hour and a half before services started in order to get nursery and/or a seat. And for two years it was worth it. God used The Village Church in an amazing way in both Dan and My lives and in our Marriage. We met amazing people through just random meetings there and also through our sweet small group. We will miss them, but we also feel like Fort Worth is small enough that they will stay a part of our lives and us in theirs. But as the kids get older and we realize more and more that they need friends nearby, and we need older people in our lives and we want parents who have walked before us in this adventure in parenting, that as much as we love what God’s doing at the Village, with us being here in Fort Worth, we just didn’t have local access to those things. So, we prayed about it and asked God for wisdom and direction. We visited several churches and actually decided to visit a small church plant nearby. It’s called The Commons Church. (if any of you in Fort Worth want to know or visit!). Honestly, I really wanted a big established church with lots of programs and stuff for me and the kids…. but God had other plans. He moved in Dan and my heart and we settled on this sweet small church that God is going to do Big things with. We can’t wait to be a part of and get to know these “commoners”… but I still love me some Village people!! <3

Okay… it’s so late, and I feel like I’m writing in my diary.

so here’s the part about cute boys….

my bff’s….

and the fashionable clothes that I got at the store the other day….

I LOVE thrift stores!!!




* see you monday!









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