life interrupted

Well, that’s been the name of the game this week.

It started with a head cold that turned into a sinus infection that ended up giving me a full blown case of bronchitus.  I’ve slept sitting straight up the past two nights… well the first night I don’t know if you could classify it as sleep.  But I was able to go to the Dr. and get some meds and some cough syrup that is magical.  So I’m hoping to be on the mend now. But these things take time.  (Poor Jack doesn’t even get the luxery of the cough meds… so we’ve been doing lots of steam treatments and TLC for him!!)

I cried the first night because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to post the basket today…. (I have a few more things to pick up and then I’ve got to take photos of the awesomeness so you can see what’s all in there!!)

But I was reminded yesterday that with adoption, the journey rarely goes according to planned.  And God’s reminding me that EVEN the things I feel totally in control of (like these baskets) are really not in my control…. God has purposes even for these weeks of suffering and setbacks.

So, I’m going to just focus on healing this week and getting my family back to health as well.  And end the week celebrating the most amazing mom and best mother-in-love a girl could have!

On Monday following Mothers Day……  The 2nd Best of Basket will be here!!!

and have I mentioned it’s fabulous??  it is. 🙂

But I did want to show you one way we are including the kids in this journey to getting their little siblings.  The Congo Baby Savings Jar.  They are super excited over every penny they are able to find and add to the jar.


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