H A P P Y * B I R T H D A Y * B E T H ! !

Dan called me from L.A last year when he was chaperoning a school mission trip, and he was telling me all what he was doing and I asked him if the group was fun and did he like them, he said yes but he said there’s one person who has made this trip a total blast!! Then he told me about Beth… actually I think she was right there and I ended up talking to her or something. So, fast forward to the past few weeks, we ran into her at church. They had sang a song that morning about a child who didn’t have a home living far away and it was just encouraging to me to hear and to feel my heart being stirred for my babies half a world away. My heart wasn’t the only one that was being stirred… she brought it up while we were talking and we just marveled at how God uses songs and people to impact and speak to us.

So, last week we got a text from her and she asked if we could do dinner that night. We said yes and she said just meet her and her whole family at the restaurant. So we did, and she had a package with tissue bursting out of it and kept it by her side until the moment was right. Then she said, “well, Tonight is my birthday celebration dinner and there’s a reason I wanted you to be a part of it.”  She handed us the package and we opened up the cutest monkey basket filled with goodies for a baby… or two. She said to read the card and it went like this……. “I emailed all my family and told them of your story and my plan. I asked that they celebrate my birthday by donating the amount they would spend on a gift to the “Congo Babies” fun. They have read your story, covered you in prayer and blessed me with donations for you. I asked them to bless me by helping you with the gifts of two children who might never know what a birthday is. I’m excited to see the two precious angels He delievrs to your family. Please accept my birthday gifts as a gift to the “birthdays” of your future babies. In His Love, Beth” I couldn’t get through the letter without tearing up. This was a precious thing.

Then we proceeded to open up the basket and find baby books, sweet bible truth books for kids, monkeys and bottles filled with cash given to her by friends and family members that they would have spent getting her a gift.  I just was in awe of what God had done in this sweet woman’s heart. I told Dan later that although the money is huge and will greatly help in bringing these children to us, this was so much bigger than just the money. We were being prayed for and whole entire families were praying and were willing to get involved for the sake of our congo babies.  (they will have names and I can’t wait to share their names with you, but for now we lovingly refer to them as our “congo babies”!)

As I sat at that table I looked at her two daughters and one of their boyfriends watch this unfold and I just thanked God that He had given them a mom who lived out loud in front of them a life of compassion and generosity. They will forever remember that birthday of their moms. As will Beth. I know that my kids will come to her mind with each and every birthday (probably a whole lot more often than that…) and this investment is the kind that goes much deeper than “I want to help fund your adoption” (which God is using so many of you to do so!) Her heart loves my future children and that love will only grow once she’s able to hold them and look into their eyes. I can’t wait… for them to meet “Miss Beth”.  I can’t wait for them to meet ….me. 🙂

Happy Birthday Sweet Beth! I’m so glad God brought you into our famliy’s lives!  We loved celebrating your birthday with you and your family! And I hope you are experiencing so much joy as you revel in the God that created you and gave you life…. twice. We love you!  Dan, Casey, Zoe, Jack and the Congo Babies


*** there are many stories that I could tell of the ways God has used people like Be

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