a multitude of blessings

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately…..  I’ve been a little busy, well truthfully God’s the one that’s been busy. He’s been working in my often faithless heart and creating new faith according to His new mercies!!

In the blog world there is a much discussed topic of how much do you share on your blog? what’s too personal? what’s better left unsaid? what’s just being scared or too prideful to admit? So, I too often struggle with how much of life everday.. the good the bad the ugly to put on here. I do want to remember the hard times looking back because it’s always such a faith builder to see how Christ has gotten us through what at the time seemed so difficult and alone. But at the same time, I also realize that some things will and should always stay between my husband and me, somethings are better kept inside the Nichols family or the Chappell family because otherwise it’s not edifying or encouraging and could hurt people, And then there are those moments where it’s just too personal of a moment to share with the world and even if you don’t remember it for always… it’s just a moment or a time that God has given you to relish in Him or to struggle with doubting Him or to just enjoy with the people God places in your day to day life.

So, know that while I might put all these sweet cute photos on here and tell amazing stories of blessings and our adventure progresses…. there is also what I don’t put on here, those are the hard days that being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend isn’t fun or happy. there are the day to day decisions that Dan and I struggle to make in perfect harmony, there are the personal struggles of our sin battles that continue to rage in our hearts and often hurt us and others around us, there are the longings of our hearts that aren’t fulfilled either because of mistakes we’ve made in the past, because of our greedy hearts or because it’s not God’s timing yet.  There are days I’m just too tired to blog… clean… think. There are days I don’t like who I am…. or like who I’m related to or married to or where I live…. Yes, I have those moments. So, I know that sometimes reading other people’s blogs create in us a longing for their lives to be our own. And I just want to encourage you to know that no blogger can fully share their life on a blog and often it’s the highlights or the richest parts of their lives that we share… I know that you have those in your life as well. But please don’t think that we don’t have the same or worse struggles that you have in your life. We do…. or at least I do. But I also cling to the One who transcends all of those struggles and lies and fears…. and loves me and is in the active pursuit of changing me!!!  For that I am very happy. (even though it doesn’t always feel happy.)


Okay, enough about that…. on to some of the previously mentioned highlights of my life. 🙂

Ever since I posted about the Congo Adoption my heart has been acting a little strange on me…. it’s like having a job that you are planning to quit and once you turn in your 2 week notice then your job seems not so bad or irritating anymore, people are sweeter and they probably even throw you a great thoughtful going away party… all of the sudden what you thought you would have such joy over (quitting that terrible job) you are kinda sad to leave now. Well, I feel like ever since I made our adoption plans public… I’ve had this amazing sweet time of connection and fulfillment with my two children… with being a family of four… with having two children that can walk on their own… with seeing them develop at rocket speed…  I’m in LOVE with this stage/chapter/moment of life that I’m in. And when I start to think about bringing two more babies into our lives… fear can creep in oh so easy. But God’s at work in me and has used a multitude of blessings to build up my faith as well as giving me clarity on the past to see that I don’t presently have the grace that I will need to live out the coming days, that grace and joy will only be there then and will be given in abundance!  *** I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m comparing my current life with a job I don’t like. it’s just the only illustration I could think of right now.

So, for right now… I am soaking up this time with my eldest two children. I’m so proud of how they are growing and learning everyday.  I love how they relate to those around them… neither of them have met a stranger!! (wonder who they got that from 😉

i found out that blowing the bubbles and trying to take a photo of it was harder than I thought

this kid is 100% boy! he loves anything with wheels!!


One of my most favorite moments of the day (for many reasons) is when Dan gets home from work. I went into Zoe’s room this morning to get her up and she looked at me and said, “I was calling for Daddy not you”  stab! no, most mornings it’s them hollering for me… and then they move to yelling for kristin to come rescue them from their babybeds and then when they get really serious it’s all about their Daddy!!!   But that moment when the door opens around 4 or 5 and their Daddy walks in the room…. well, this is what always happens….

sorry shutter speed was off... but you get the picture! 🙂


We’ve been loving that Zoe’s hair is getting fuller and crazier!! I’m really enjoying putting bows and clips into her hair (any of you crafty hair bow makers out there that need a VERY cute black girl to model your bows… send them my way!!)

This week was our 7th Anniversary!!!! Yep we made it Seven years!! 6 job changes…6 moves…4 churches…3 children (w/2 on the way)…1 funeral for our firstborn son… 4 adoption processes… add in there rendezvous to our two favorite places the beach and NYC, marriage counseling (every marriage needs it!), trying to be pet owners, cooking and entertaining for those we love, a move across country, a stolen (and returned) car, …… and you have a few of the most influential happenings in our marriage.  Now, we are happy and blessed and growing and  living out our need for Christ for every breath of every day.

I love you Dan Chappell... All the Way!!!


My parents got us these amazing pool towels for our anniversary. I couldn’t believe my mom picked them out, it was such a random gift. But it truly has been one of those things that my heart longs to have but I know that the money just isn’t there for it. In the summer the kids LOVE the pool!! And in Texas… it’s a must.  It doesn’t seem like much but it really was one of the things that God used this past week to say to me that He knows the desires of my heart and that He will provide all things that I truly need and even want IF it’s going to bring Him glory, but I have to trust Him.

And this is incredibly random but I discovered (through my coupon using) these Newton Crisps. They are awesome!! I’m always on the look out for low sugar healthier snack options for my kids and this is definitely a new favorite. You have to go pick some up.

as you can tell... Zoe loves them!

little every day snapshots of life…..

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