raising royalty

I had every intention of wearing a hat and having friends over and going all out for the watching of the royal wedding yesterday. But Zoe, Jack and myself ended up with colds. So if it weren’t for the amazing servant heart of Kristin we might not would have even had scones. But she made them and they were amazing!! So Dan, Kristin and I and my box of Puffs Plus curled up on our couch and watched as the excitement and romance played before us.

I don’t know what it is about royalty that makes us get so excited and caught up… well, I think it’s because we were created for kingdom living. So many times people use that term as some buzz word for heaven or for religious living… but I really do think the new heaven and new earth will be a real kingdom. I don’t think all the talk of gold and crowns and thrones are just allegories for the next life. I think they will be real. I think we will thrive in this kingdom because we will have a good King.

I think with this Royal Wedding there were so many meaningful moments that just struck me and made me think. But I’m just going to elaborate on two of them in this post.

I think the imagery of having a commoner becoming a bride of a king…. is one that my heart resonates with. Because for Believers… that’s so true. Christ choose us to be his bride even though there was nothing lovely or worthy in us. And I think as glued and in awe as we were on Catherine Middleton… I think that the angels and heavenly creatures will be just in awe as we are united with our Groom.



I also couldn’t help but to imagine what Kate’s parents were going through that day. They couldn’t have begun to know what their daughter would become as she was growing up in the town of Buckleberry.



I don’t know what type of parents they were and I would probably disagree with a lot of their parenting skills… who knows. But they did raise a strong confident woman who wears the title royalty with dignity and gentleness.  It just struck me as a mom of two little ones that I have no idea what God will do with my children. But I have a HUGE responsibility and honor to raise them to become whatever He intends for them. To nurture them to be able to bear whatever title He should bestow upon them… even if it’s the title of business man or stay at home mom or soldier or a barista or first lady.  But most importantly I always want them to be aware that as God’s children and Christ’s bride we are truly living for a kingdom that will make any earthly kingdom pale in comparison.

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