A very happy easter!

It was just the first of many holidays that I got to spend time with my sister Brittany, Bradley and my niece Mabel. For those of you who didn’t know, they moved about 20 miles away from us. Which has been so much fun… and I’m really grateful my kids will get to spend time with their “great gran” as long as God has her here with us. (she’s almost 93 and funny as ever!!) So we had to get some photos of the cousins together in their easter outfits!!  If you can believe we totally didn’t co-ordinate their dresses. (Thanks Aunt Angey for Zoe’s dress… it was the perfect easter dress!!)  We wanted to get all three of them looking at the camera but having donkeys just a few feet away made that a little hard… but nothing a few suckers wouldn’t fix.  So… Here are the cutest cousin pictures ever!! 🙂






And Mr. and Mrs. Chappell did a great job on making their baskets beautiful and full of fun toys. Not to mention the full meal they made that evening. What a blessing family is.

The day before Easter Mrs. Chappell and I planned a Easter Egg Hunt for our apartment complex. We didn’t know if anyone would show up…. but they did. And we were able to meet several mom’s in our building that I didn’t know before. It’s amazing how knowing people that live around you can change your perspective of where you live. For the first few months of this year I was struggling with feelings of feeling trapped in these apartments and longing for a home to plant roots in and a community to get to know. We feel as though God has led us to stay here in these apartments at least another year….probably two.  And since then God has been bringing people into my lives that live here and are becoming a part of my everyday weekly life as a stay at home mom.  It makes a difference when you know the lady’s name who walks her dog every afternoon outside your apartment… my kids love seeing Mrs. Gloria and little gracie and race out there when they see her.  Just meeting the kids that play outside has brought me so much joy. They love entertaining my kids and my kids look at them with great adoration.  It’s been really fun.  The Easter egg hunt was a blast and I hope blessed the lives of a few families that live here.


Happy Easter Everyone!!!



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