we miss our daddy!!

Dan is in Greece. Yep, for 12 days he was able to go as a chaperone with the school he teaches at on a Minimester trip to Greece. Now, if any of you have known me a while you would know that I spent a great deal of time in college reading the ancient greek works of literature and writing many a papers on those books. I hated it at first but grew to love those works and that time period.  So, You can imagine my jealousy when he was able to go and I couldn’t.  Believe me, we tried to think of a way to make it work, but we decided it would be best for me to be home with the kids and to save the cost of my trip.  So, I’ve been vicariously living the trip through Dan’s iphone pics and videos. (you can see the trip blog here)

I know he’s having so much fun and really getting to absorb the very real places that scripture talks about and where it was written and lived.


I got a lot of blog posts a comin’!!! 🙂 just keep checking back.  BIG NEWS to come……..

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