twinkle twinkle little ears

We did it. We got Zoe’s ears pierced. She was a champ and you can tell at what point I ditched the camera in order to love on my baby…because tears did come.  But they were short lived and now she loves her twinkles in her ears now! She looks like such a big girl with them and they are the perfect little accessory to every outfit!! 🙂

Then we took a walk around the mall and stopped for a snack. Some nice man gave zoe a dollar and she held that dollar for hours. It was her treasure. It was precious. * just curious, but I’ve come across a few older gentlemen who would give my little ones a dollar bill or a dollar coin… anyone know if that’s a southern thing OR just an old tradition OR I need to dress my kids better because we look like a charity case?   Whatever the case I think it’s cute!

I can’t tell you how long it took to get that yellow candy out of her teeth that night.  But I didn’t mind,  it was a special day! Because now her ears match the twinkle in her eyes!!

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