there’s no place like home

Goodness, I feel as though I have SO much to catch you up on. The past two weeks have been ones of great expectation and ending in pure delight. I can’t wait to show you all some photos of my cutest little “nephew” – it’s actually my best friend’s baby, but I’m his aunt casey!! 🙂  While I was so glad I was there for that amazing miracle of his birth, I am SO glad to be back in my little home with my biggest fans! I can’t get over how fast they are growing up. Jack is repeating everything and saying words I didn’t think he even knew. He LOVES to sing, both of them do. I’m really glad for that and am looking forward to years of music in our home. Right now their favorite song is  Sound of music Doe a Deer. They so love that song! Dan’s parents bought them a rocking chair to share for Christmas and they spend hours climbing in and getting out of it every day. And Uncle John bought Jack a police car that is probably the only toy that at any given moment we don’t let Zoe have dibs on, most toys they have to take turns with. But a few things, we let them cling to.  And boy does Jack love it… you push a button and it comes to life with the song “Bad Boys;Bad Boys” and he totally jams to it!

So, lots of great blog posts coming… but for now, here is a little taste of the goodness I live with!

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