Team Cullen

Having a baby and raising them definitely is a team effort. I’ve learned very quickly that it takes a village. I was so blessed to have been a part of the team that got a front row seat to the miracle of this sweet baby’s birthday.  And it was amazing to see the “village” that God has placed Angey and Wes in…. you all know who you are and are incredible!!!!

I went early to North Carolina so I wouldn’t miss a thing. Those few days before her mamma came to town and while Wes was still working… it was a very sweet and raw time with angey as we learned how to bare our hearts as mothers to each other and shared about fears and struggles and hopes and wishes.  I also got to see first hand how all you momma’s LOVE to share your birth stories with new expectant mommies.  I think I was spared that a little since my pregnancy took a different turn than most…. but I will say, I can see how it’s overwhelming to a new mom but how once she has that baby she’s just as excited to share how that baby came into the world.  🙂 We women are funny creatures when it comes to babies and birthing!

Once Ang’s mom came to town… the mall walking began. And though I don’t know if standing in Charlotte Russe for hours counts…. we sure had fun!! 😉  I was able to have my most delightful cup of Caribou Coffee though. I LOVE that place! I truly do. We ran all over town that week with excitement building each and every day.  Ang and Wes were such a reminder of how helpless and fearful a parent can feel in those days of the unknowns yet also of great expectations. But the thing that was beautiful to see was their faith in the One who did know what was to come. Wes always seemed to be able to point angey… and thus her mom and I, to Christ using just a few words of truths that we could cling to during this time.  And cling we did.  Angey and Wes have walked intimately with several close friends (including  me) through the losses of our babies. I can’t imagine what all was going on in their minds and hearts as they knew that the health of their baby was in the hands of their God and that no matter if He were to give them a perfectly healthy baby boy or allow him to be in their arms for just a little while, they would still trust and believe in Him and His goodness.

January 15th… A beautiful but freezing day.  Angey’s mom and I joined Wes and Angey in their hospital room, and it didn’t take long (a few hours and 2 pushes!:) for our prayers and hopes to be fulfilled in this 8 pound screaming baby who would forever change this little family.  I still can’t believe that my tiny best friend was carrying that sturdy 8lb baby. He was beautiful!!! seriously… Beautiful!  I was living the moment from behind my camera and tears were streaming down as I rejoiced in this miracle of joy!  * and can I just give mad props to Wake Med’s labor and delivery staff!!! They were amazing!

Cullen Asher Price  January 15th 2011  2:37 pm  8.lbs 20 inches. perfectly handsome and alert as ever!

Just two little days later a tired mommy and daddy brought baby Cullen to his home sweet home. That home was more than ready to welcome this baby into it. And once he was there… he fit perfectly, as if he had always been there.  I couldn’t stay much longer but I was there just long enough to introduce him to his first photo shoot. Since his mommy is a photographer it was the first of MANY to come I’m sure.  Mind you this child loves to be swaddled all tight and warm so it seemed very fitting… and easy 😉 to capture him at his happiest! To see all the cute details of  his nursery and more posts as he grows check out his mommy’s blog here!

I miss you already little one. don’t grow too much until I get to see you next. sleep well for your mommy and daddy. Love you!

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