a new chapter in blogging

I didn't expect or plan on taking such a long break from blogging but it was much needed and when I went to start back again, I just couldn't post on here for some reason. It was almost like this blog was sacred (in a dedicated to; in honour of type of way, not in a religious sense) and so it was then that I started a new blog. Not to forget this one or close a door but just in a way to organize my thoughts and better convey and encapsulate the life I now live. 

This blog has been a dear friend and a tool of untold and told healing for the past 3 years. I love this blog and will keep it and treasure the words written from a broken heart and marvel at the testimony of healing God has worked in me and my family.  I can't say enough to those of you who have left all 1600 comments here for me and for all you silent type who I know are reading and there for me as well. 

But I am so excited about the continued journey and that I am back to blogging once more. Except it will be at a different place now. 


(I'm also a part of my family's blog at http://www.ninenichols.com

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